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I am having enourmous problems getting the icloud functionality to work well with my calander app on my macbook pro and mac mini. Both computers are running up to date mountain lion and both have icloud calanders enables with the same apple id. The problems arrise when I start makeing edits or additions to an icloud calander on my laptop. Furthermore, when I get home I see that my mac mini has still not synced up. I have manually refreshed and switched from push to updating every 5 min, but no matter what I try I always seem to have discrepencies.


Intially icloud worked and when I added an event on my mini it showed up on my laptop and on icloud.com. Howveer after a few days of editing the icloud calander from all three input points (macmini, laptop, icloud.com) the calanders diverged.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)