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Is there a way to reorder or introduce new pages in iBooks Author, without creating a new IBook? Is this possible?

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    Reordering pages ..by drag and drop is not possible.

    Inserting pages ..using the normal method, drop a new page as the new last page in your section.

    If you want to insert a page higher than last page..select the page Above and right click..the mouse menu will give you options, including changing the style of the new page. If you have not changed your mouse preferences and the right click seems not to work, use control plus right click and the mouse menu will appear.

    You Can drag and drop chapters..doing so takes all sections and pages. The chapter will auto rename itself...ie chapter one dragged below chapter two..becomes chapter two. Page numbering will also adjust accordingly.

    The only way to reorder content is select all...copy and paste into a new blank page.

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    Just realised you did in fact start a new thread....anyway....you have the answer.

    May I just say that  a few months ago...I was asking your Question...and it was KT who steered me through and advised the very easy way to do it and also advised that my mouse settings needed changing. The image he included for you is a very good visual aid and  explained it to me.

    Another way to find answers, is to do a forum search. At this stage all the basic "problems" have been the subject of threads and have the answers.

    Any other problems you may come across...will find answers on this group.

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    Thank you for the thoughtful--and respectful answer to my question.  i mistakenly asked this question on a different thread, as you have observed, and was ririculed for asking it.  That is childish.


    I DON'T know all of the social mores here, but RTFM.is not a polite answer.  I appreciate your taking the time to tell me that what I was attempting to do does not, in fact, work--and then providing me a workable alternative.


    Since I started this thread, I agree with you that as a greenhorn here,

    i may be asking questions the apparent moderator has been asked before.  The way I ended up on the previous theead was by looking for the answer first, and fate leading me to that page, on which I wish I'd never seen.



    We look to our teachers for answers, not ridicule for being students, trying to learn from the masters.


    Thanks again for being civil to me.

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    I just realized from YOUR reply that the image he supplied required a right click.  This critical ingredient was not provided before. That's a pretty important detail--to leave out.


    Thanks again for the considerate answer.

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    The main thing is...you have a way to move forward with your project.

    If I may offer some tips, learn to customise the template to suit your project...its basically very easy..once you try.Again a search will bring up posts that address this topic.

    IF you do create your own template..save it as a template before using it, that way you have a clean version every time.

    When putting your book together save versions as you go along..later you can delete them.

    If, as .. you seem to have found, you need to change things or want to try other options, you can copy whole chapters or sections and paste in a new order or  into another version of your template. If you copy into a different template or book, the template basic also transfer to the template. Best way to discover what can be done is simply open a new book to play with! Add a few chapters and sections...include some pages..and just drag things around, copy and paste where you choose. Its just learning and after you delete the junk!..BTW, yes, you can have single pages before the first chapter...i.e. I open a copyright page into a chapter...that drag it to the top of the book tree, a blue line will appear ..drop it.


    If you need any help or advice, its available in abundance on this forum.  Have fun...

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    Thanks, Vinny! I'll do some digging and follow your guidance.  I have already "switched gears" a couple of time, starting and restarting the book. While I had viewed starting over as painful, as you imply, it can be put to my advantage.


    I certainly appreciate the honest concern you show in providing a viable answer.


    Best regards,