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So I have a dilemma.

I own both a video iPod and a Rio Karma.
My iPod won't play wma files.
My Rio Karma won't play AAC files.

My iTunes has been copying all the files I add to the library and converting them into AAC.
But this now means that I have two copies of everything and I can't delete either copy because I still use both the iPod and the Rio Karma.

I've been hearing rumors that mp3 ***** vs. both AAC and wma.
I'd like to know which formats are the best because if mp3 is better, I can convert it all into mp3 and have only one file that works on both players.
If not...
Well, I guess I'm screwed and have to keep two copies of everything... ...

Any help or insight on this problem will be greatly appreciated!!!
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    It is all personal preference.

    I started out with an iPod and used the iTunes default of ripping CDs in AAC. Well, yeah, now those files won't work elsewhere.

    So I have changed along the way, I now rip CDs using MP3 VBR 192bps or 256bps and the files work everywhere.
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    MP3 is a fairly old file type, while AAC and WMA are more modern. AAC is said to have higher quality than MP3, but is not compatible with some players and/or programs.

    WMA is a very widely-adopted format, and has larger file sizes than AAC and MP3, so many programs/players will be able to use it, but maybe not store as many songs.

    MP3 is the happy medium, because if you're songs are in MP3, they are accessible by almost ANYTHING that plays music.

    Hope this helps.
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    You may want to just convert them all to MP3 so you only need one library. Unless, of course, your Rio only plays WMA.

    How to convert to MP3:

    <aa href>http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=93123