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your itunes library does not contain any songs with artwork


I tried the solution give in apple support and i did not have any voice memo's and the screen saver still does not work.

MacBook Pro, iOS 6.1.4
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    Hello 2qk4u,


    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities!

    You came from the same article I would have started out with. Next, since the issue is persisting, I would recommend re creating your iTunes Library altogether:

    iTunes: How to re-create your iTunes library and playlists


    Note: After re-creating your library, any devices that you sync with iTunes (Apple TV, iPod, iPhone, iPad) will see your iTunes library as a new library and will completely resync. The next sync with such a device will take longer and may reset some options since your rebuilt library isn't familiar to the device.

    1. Quit iTunes.

    2. Locate your iTunes folder (this is the folder that contains the iTunes Library and iTunes Library.xml files).

    Operating SystemDefault location of iTunes Folder
    Mac OS X/Users/[your username]/Music
    Microsoft Windows XP\Documents and Settings\[your username]\My Documents\My Music\
    Microsoft Windows Vista\Users\[your username]\Music\
    Microsoft Windows 7\Users\[your username]\My Music\



    3. Open your iTunes folder.

    4. Drag the "iTunes Library.xml" or "iTunes Music Library.xml" file to the Desktop. If neither is available, learn how to add files back to the Library (because the XML file is not available, playlists and other information will not be available).

    5. Drag the following file from your iTunes folder to the Trash:

    Mac OS X"iTunes Library" or "iTunes Library.itl"
    Microsoft Windows"iTunes Library.itl"


    6. Open iTunes.

    Important: Do not add any content into iTunes at this point (such as by purchasing something from the iTunes Store).

    7. Choose File > Library > Import Playlist.

    8. Navigate to the "iTunes Library.xml" file on the Desktop.

    • Mac users: Click Choose.
    • Windows users: Click Open.

    If your Podcasts list in iTunes is empty after following these steps, learn how to add them back into iTunes.




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    I have this problem too. The screen saver worked perfectly until the iTunes 11.1 update (bad, bad Apple).


    Adding all my iTunes items back into the library again would be faar too much work for me — especially with all the manual typing of album names, artist names, artwork etc etc etc (for all items not bought in the iTunes store).


    I rather have a broken screen saver than having to go through this Windows-like maneuver


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    Please fully read the contents of the moderator's post. It seems like a lot of steps but you are only moving around one file which will then allow you to get back to working order.


    There is no need to delete your whole music folder.

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    @sterling: I experience the same problem and just went through every step in your posting. But the screen saver still returns the message and does not show albums.. Could a reboot be necessary?

    Regards, Jesper

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    I have this issue also. I have no voice memos, and I have done the ^ above steps. Ive gone so far as to remove my itunes cloud account so its just my downloads from iTunes (about 300) and it still says I have no album artwork.


    its quite frustrating