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    The solutions presented on the page to which @norm123 refers are not applicable here.


    The problem is clearly not linked to basic computer settings (firewalls, etc.) which the solutions address but rather to the Apple ID, since one ID works while the other does not.


    I am having an identical or similar problem: I have two Apple IDs, where both work fine through the iOS App Store but one does not work in the iTunes Store through the iTunes application in Mac OS X Mavericks.


    When trying to login to the iTunes Store through the iTunes application in Mac OS X Mavericks, I receive the error message "We could not complete your iTunes Store request. The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later."


    However, when trying to login to the iTunes Store with an incorrect password, I receive the error message "Your Apple ID or password was entered incorrectly."


    As a result, it appears that my Apple ID is being blocked somehow by the iTunes application.


    The problem appears to have started when I activated iTunes Match on the still functioning Apple ID, which appears to have blocked the other Apple ID.


    I have restarted iTunes and have deleted iTunes preferences ( in my user library and then restarted iTunes and my computer. Nothing works.


    Anyone had any luck in finding a solution?

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    The answer presented here (resetting Safari) by clearsource worked for me using the iTunes application in Mac OS X Mavericks.

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    've had the same problem for over a month now on my iMac. I can log in using my iPhone and my work PC running windows 7 and when I set up another user on my iMac. It's since I upgraded to Mavericks. I spent 3 hours on the phone with two different Apple technicians 10 days ago. I formatted the hard drive and migrated my Time Machine backup. If it's a possible Mavericks issue you get 90 days free support. I expect to spend another 3 hours on the phone again this weekend

    Still nothing. I might just go back to a Windows PC.

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    Re: New episodes available for download - The Blacklist, Season 2 AND Shark Tank, Season 6





    Can you imagine turning on "normal" TV to see a show or sporting event or BREAKING NEWS

    and seeing a message that says, "Try again later".


    iTunes store is UP and store PLAYS older episodes, but not the new ones.




    REBOOTED the Apple TV. (Unreliable crap, requiring frequent rebooting. I have 4.)

    NO HELP.


    I had always hesitated to PURCHASE TV episodes  and especially MOVIES for fear that I would someday NOT BE ABLE to access them...if, for example, Apple went out of business. BUT here we are and Apple is still (sort of) in business, BUT NOT AVAILABLE AND NOT RELIABLE. I WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY MORE TV OR MOVIES FROM APPLE TV.


    NO WONDER "Tim" lowered the price on Apple TV.


    NOTE, However, that I WAS able to download the new Blacklist episode to my iPhone (using up valuable real estate, so I'll have to delete it) AND play it through AirPlay (one of the RARE TIMES AIRPLAY WORKED).


    Apple is really screwed and screwed up. TIM HAS FAILED US.

    Apple died when Steve jObs was fired years ago, and now that he's dead, it will fail again.


    Back to ROKU! (I have two, never had a problem with them, never had to reboot.)

    And… ON TO SAMSUNG GALAXY phones! (We currently have 3 iphone 6+, not to mention past iPhone 5s's and 5's. Never 4...thought an Apple Phone was a bad idea.  I was right... So MANY things don't work with the iPhone 6+ and iOS 8, and , strangely, NO ONE is reporting them to us ONLINE.)


    (A friend just texted a picture from her Galaxy 5. The clarity was so outstanding, it was blinding.

    Our iPhone 6 PLUS's (and 5s) make the pictures look like they have the photoshop painted "Sprayed Strokes" effect applied. Very bad.)

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