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Hey everyone,


I have a user with a 10.7.5 iMac bound to a windows domain.  He's been working fine for well over a year (or two), and all of a sudden he started having issues.  The other day he changed his password (domain account), and then started having trouble saving from Illustrator to a network drive that he is connected to using SMB.  So, he restarted his iMac.  When it came back up, he couldn't log in.  I reset his password, and he was then able to log in, but had to reset his keychain password because he couldn't remember which password it needed in order to update it.


So now, ever since resetting his domain account password and then resetting his keychain password, he is having trouble with his network drive connection.  He can browse the files/folders on the shared drive, but when he tries to save to it his iMac locks up and he has to relaunch finder to get it back to normal.  This wasn't an issue before his password fiasco.


Also, I had him log in on an idenical iMac setup, and he was able to access the shared drive just fine.


I've gone through a TON of stuff on the web about OS X Lion and SMB issues, etc, and it seems everyone has different issues/fixes, and some work for others and for others they don't.  I'm no Mac expert, so I'm lost and turning to you guys.


Thanks in advance!

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