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hi, i´m having the next problems with my iphone 4s (never jailbroken), a month ago i star having  a problem with the battery, it never get fully charged and the battery indicator is always in the same spot, say that i unplug the phone at 97 % it will stay at 97% till the phone sudenlly turn off and battery is at 1%, when i charge the phone there are to thing that can happend, bootloop, have to reset the iphone or it will start charging but it will reboot every minute for about 15 minutes. is this a battery problem or other software/hardware problem?,

thanks for the help

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    It could be a battery problem.  If the 4S is a full 2 years old and has been used every day, it could be getting near the end of its service life.  Have you taken it to an Apple store or service provider to get it looked at?

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    it has less than two years, but the problem is i live in Argentina and here the iphone doesn't has support

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    I suggest doing a hard reset (hold the home and power button until apple logo boots back up which takes 10seconds) if the problem still persists you should back up your iPhone to iTunes then restore your firmware and your iPhone should work properly again. If not take it to apple if you are still under warranty and they'll give you a new one.