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had my headphones plugged in this morning. after undoiung from jack, phone still think they r plugged in .. how can i fix this.. cant use my phone noormally

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    Turn it off then turn it on that should do it

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    My iPhone 4S won't play ANY sound unless I have a external speaker or have a wireless fm transmitter plugged into the headphone jack to play sound through my home surround sound system or car speakers. I have searched the Internet and a few places said I might have lint or dirt in the headphone jack. One way to supposedly tell is to press the volume buttons while there isn't anything plugged into the headphone jack and if the phone shows the headphone volume instead of the ringer volume then that's the problem. But mine shows the ringer volume when I press the volume buttons. Another site said it might be the charging pins at the bottom of the phone and to clean those as well. So is there something in the headphone jack port or did my speaker stop working? I have already tried to shut the phone down, hard rest, a factory reset, and made sure I had the latest updates for IOS 6. I checked my sound settings and made sure the side switch was turned on and up! So it's not that.  Another website I found said there could be a problem in the software. UGH!