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I have a MacBook Air and use Safari, I think I was able to download and print pdfs before but now I cannot do it with some sites, I have looked at the answer to similar question & looked in Library/internet plug-ins but don't have the Adobe PDF plug-in, have these 5 items in there -

nsIQTScriptablePlugin.xpt : QuickTime Plugin.plugin : Quartz%20Composer.webplugin/ : Silverlight.plugin/ : JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/


I had 2 Adobe icons in my application folder and as per the instructions on answer I read, I clicked both of these to unistall them, tried to download new version of Adobe but although it seems to download I can never find it to click and install it.


Any help with this would be appreciated because I have spent several hours trying to sort it myself and do not have much technical ability in this area.




Reply by Carolyn Samit on Sep 12, 2013 8:13 PM Helpful
Chrissy ... Go to /Library then open the Internet Plug-Ins (Disabled folder) If you see Flash Player.plugin there, move it to /LIbrary/Internet Plug-Ins folder.

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    Chrissy ...


    Go to /Library then open the Internet Plug-Ins (Disabled folder)


    If you see Flash Player.plugin there, move it to /LIbrary/Internet Plug-Ins folder.

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    Thank you Carolyn, I had already managed to reinstall Adobe when I found the icon sitting underneath 'Devices' when I clicked on Finder - don't understand why it put it there but clicked it and it installed and now working ok - I had also shut down my mac completely before this happened as I always have it on - just sleeping when I shut it so maybe shutting it off helped ? I am not tech-savvy so I greatly appreciate people like you who help people like me !

    When I looked in Library just now I saw Internet Plug-ins floder but not a 'disabled folder'  but since it is now working I will not worry about that.


    Thanks again