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I have an Iphone 5 and I'm using os 10.7.5 on my MBP.


Where are all the videos from my phone stored on my computer?  There is an 'Iphoto Videos' tab in Imovie that has some older stuff on it, but the stuff I took today isn't there.  Do I need to do a hard-wired sync in order to get iphone videos into Imovie?


Basically, I want to know that my videos are safely on my computer so I can delete them from my phone.  My daughter is three, and I have her entire life on my phone... don't want to lose those memories.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    You can use the Image Capture app on your Mac located in your Applications folder to sync movies from your iPhone.


    Connect the iPhone then launch Image Capture.


    Selecgt the iPhone under Devices top left corner of that window.


    At the bottom of that window select the folder you want to save the videos to from the Import To pop up menu. The Pictures folder is the handiest.


    If you want to edit using iMovie, launch iMovie. From the menu bar click File > Import Movies










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    Here is the location where your iPhone Videos are stored on your Mac computer:

    Home Directory/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Movies


    You can also get there by one of these 2 ways:

    1.  Click on the GO menu and select Computer, then click on the name of your Computer HD, then click the Users folder and then your Home Directory folder and follow the file path given above.

    2.  Click on the GO menu and select Home, this should take you to your Home Directory folder. Then, click through the following folders: Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Movies


    NOTE: Replace Home Directory name with your own personal directory name.  This should be shown in the Sidebar listing of the Finder window with the House icon.


    How to find your Home Directory (i.e. short name):

    You can also find your Home Directory by going to System Preferences.  There select Users & Groups.  Click on the padlock icon and enter your computer’s login name to unlock. Then Control-click on your user name and select Advanced Options.  There you will see the path to your Home directory.