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Have an iPhone4 and iPad2 both with all latest updates. Also using iCloud and iTunes Match.

What is the best way to set these up? I don't need music on either device but noticed my entire iTunes library on both devices. I really don't need music on either device except what I choose for each. Noticed my phone close to needing more storage, so I tried to swipe and delete albums but nothing happened. I went  to the music icon and deleted everything which showed  no data.  Then selected the music icon at bottom of phone and all the music is still there.

I also backed up the phone and iPad on iCloud but nothing shows on iCloud.


What is suggested? Should I back these up to iCloud or to themselves or even iTunes? ITunes Match allows access to iTunes library in ICloud but checking iCloud I don't  see an iTunes library or iPhone in iCloud. Perhaps I don' need iTunes Match?


Need some guidance on the best way to set things up and what some of you have done. Also how do I delete the music on the phone with what I described earlier.




iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3