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Last night I installed a heavy software on my Mac but still had 11GB free on hard drive. However while working it just crashed and stopped working. Then I turned it off and on again, but everytime it in booting when the Apple logo appears it was keep loading, even for 20 mins.  So I treid to load recovery and tried all opriones. But each one does not work for different reasons.

First one is recovery from back up, as I dont have any backup so I cant use it.

Installing new OS also does not work as I does not let me to choose a drive. Keep saying Macintosh HD is locked.

Also for Disk Uitility, when I choose the Macintosh HD, it gives error while verifying the Disk and also ends up with error when repairing.


And now whenever i turn it on, it just turns of when the apple logo appears.


I have not tried safe mode yet, as I dont know how to do it.


Any idea? :/


Is there anyway to copy my files before I format the drive or any way?

MacBook Air, iOS 6.0.1