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Hello everyone...


I just want to know one thing about apple product.


I want to buy 'Iwork' for my mac. If I uninstall it, Do I have to buy it again?


Or If I have 2 macbook Can I buy once only?



Thanks for reading...

MacBook Pro
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    If you buy the current version, you only buy it once and you may install it on all of your Macs. You should be able to download it free until the next major paid version comes out. The new version would then replace the current version and the current version would not be available. So you should always make a backup copy.

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    thanks for your quıck reply brother...


    It means when I buy something, I buy for once only...


    and when I pay for the app they will give me the original .dmg file. And then I can use it everywhere. (the app wıll not tell me to gıve 'the emaıl address' you bought the app wıth)


    Is that what you mean?

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    There is no .dmg, the app downloads directly into the Applications folder. And you can copy the app to a disk, a thumb drive or back it up with a backup scheme such as Time Machine.


    You may be asked to authorize the use of the app on a Mac with the Apple ID that bought the app.