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Hello all. I am a student who recently began my degree in the Norwegian equivalent of College. I was thinking of getting an Apple device primarily for lectures, but also for recreational purposes. Right now I have an iPhone 5, and a fairly powerful laptop, but a short- lived battery and the size of the laptop is a bit of an issue for lectures and packing. I also have a pretty large music library, and i stream a lot of movies/shows, as well as music.

My main purposes for the purchase will be note- taking and document managing, streaming/surfing and iTunes. I also want something with which I can entertain myself on travels and such. Let's assume I will get the next generation of whatever device, as I understand they are both around the corner.

Personally, I'm leaning towards an iPad with at least 32GB memory and a keyboard, considering I have a good Windows laptop. The price is also a little more manageable. The lack of HDMI output is a drawback though.


On a side note: how is managing documents on an apple device and synchronizing with a Windows device done? Any programs/apps I should know about?

Thanks in advance.