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Hi there, I was sent here to try to troubleshoot the issues I am having with my Iphone 5. I purchased this phone in January 2013,

I have had issues with battery life almost from the start. I can have the battery charged fully and send a two word text and have the battery life decrease by at least 5%. When I called apple support, I was on the phone for 12 minutes and the battery went down 10% in that time.

The screen often freezes and won't let me scroll through the apps.

The phone often times won't turn on either.

I was directed to apple support online to try to remedy these issues and am having quite a bit of difficulty with the site, it's very frustrating.

I was told that it was a hardware issue by the Bell store I purchased the phone from, but the apple support telephone operator said I had to go through the online trouble shooting steps first.

Can someone walk me through this as I seem to keep getting booted out, cannot find the troubleshooting steps I was told about.

Thanks, Bethanie.

iPhone 5