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My Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 briefly recognizes my nano iPod and then it disappears from my desktop and devices list, subsequently iTunes doesn't not recognize or sync with my nano iPod, what should I do?

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    Disappearing from the Desktop is normal, after the initial sync, if the iPod is NOT set to Enable disk use.  However, it should not disappear from iTunes.  If you have not since this problem occurred, be sure to shut down (power off) the Mac and then start it up.  If the iPod is connected to a USB hub, try a direct connection to the Mac's USB port.


    Also, you can try a Reset (restart) of the iPod, if you have not already




    If that does not help, try putting it into Disk Mode




    Then, connect it to your Mac and run iTunes.  If there is an issue like data corruption, iTunes may prompt you to do a Restore.  In any case, if the iPod is recognized (and does not disappear from iTunes), you may want to do a Restore.  The Restore button is on iPod's Summary screen.  This will erase the iPod, re-install its software, and set it to default settings.

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    Well, I did a reset-restart of the nano iPod and that did not help, and I tried to restore it but I couldn't get it to go into restore mode. Directions state to hold the on-off button and the -button until you see the apple logo and then hold the -button and the +button until it goes into disk mode after holding for a minute, it never went into Restore mode. Any ideas? Thank you for your response.

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    That's Disk Mode, not a Restore.  Putting it into Disk Mode can be tricky.  It's meant to be awkward, so that you don't do it by mistake.  So I would try it again, precisely as described.


    On a separate note, in case there is interference between USB devices connected to your Mac, you may want to try connecting the iPod (to a direct USB port on the Mac) with nothing else connected to USB (except standard keyboard/mouse if normally used).

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    Well I finally got it to go into "disk mode," after holding down the on-off switch and the -button through two cycles of the apple logo, and then holding down the -button and the +button. When it is in "disk mode," I get a totally white screen with a check mark that stated it was OK to connect, then after connecting to my Mac, iTunes came up, the logo was there briefly then disapearred - the device is still not being recognized. And at that point iTunes does not prompt me to do anything as far as "restoring." After disconnecting from my Mac I was able to do a "re-set," of the Nano and then after re-connecting to my Mac iTunes briefly said the Nano was being synched and then it disapearred again. Where is the "Summary Screen," located - is it possible to do a "Restore," manually?

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    There were a few suggestions that you did not clarify (if you tried them or not).  At this point (based on what you have stated), the problem could be on the iPod or it could be the USB connection to the Mac.  It could also be the USB docking cable, but since it connects initially, it is probably OK.  You should rule out a problem with the USB port on the Mac.


    I suggested shutting down (powering off) the Mac.  Did you do that, and then start it back up?  If the Mac is a MacBook, you may need to do more because it has a battery. 


    I suggested disconnecting all other USB device (except for standard keyboard and mouse if used), and connecting the iPod to a direct USB port on the Mac (by itself).  Did you do that?


    You can also try connecting another device, preferably something similar like a USB flash drive, to the USB port you used with the iPod, to confirm the same thing does not happen and it works properly.  Does it connect and stay connected?


    Those steps will help confirm that problem is not the USB connection (on the Mac side).


    To do a Restore, it needs to have a stable connection, so that the iPod appears in iTunes.  When you select the iPod in iTunes, the screen that appears is the iPod's Summary screen.  But if the iPod does not stay connected in Disk Mode, doing a Restore will not help.  In Disk Mode, the iPod should act like it is a storage device.


    Try this...  Connect the iPod.  Instead of running iTunes (quit iTunes if running), run Disk Utility.  Does the iPod's disk appear in the Disk Utility sidebar? 

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    I checked my USB ports, and my other devices ie, card reader and "My Book," work fine in all of the USB ports. I did shut down and restart my Mac, several times while checking the ports, I also made sure both iTunes and my Mac were up dated.


    I am using a direct connection USB port and I unhooked all my other devices and I finally see the nano in iTunes and I am on the "Summary Page." But I see that the nano is formatted for Windows, I was using the nano on my old computer which had Windows XP and now that I have purchased a Mac how do I change that formatting? At this point should I do a restore and let the nano and Mac automatically choose the formatting?

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    Also, I did not see my nano listed in the Disk Utility for my Mac, I imagine because it is formatted for Windows. And I need to change that.

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    If your iPod appeared in iTunes after disconnecting your other devices, there is either (1) a "conflict" between USB devices or (2) your connected devices (collectively) draw too much power from the USB bus and the iPod does not have enough power to operate and charge its battery (that may be why it initially appears but then disappears when the battery starts charging).  You can test for (1) by connecting other devices with your iPod, and seeing when (or if) the problem occurs.  (2) may be more likely, if you have a lot of USB devices.  A remedy may be to get a self-powered USB hub.  By self-powered, I mean a USB hub that has its own power supply, for example




    Connect some of your devices to the self-powered USB hub to take load off of the computer's USB bus.


    An iPod that is formatted for Windows should actually continue to work on a Mac, because Macs can read the Windows format.  I don't think your problem was caused by the iPod being formatted for Windows.  If you want to change the formatting, you do so by doing a Restore.  This will erase (reformat in this case) the iPod, re-install its software, and set it to default settings.

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    If the iPod is working as it should (not in Disk Mode), and iTunes is running, the iPod will not appear in Disk Utility whether it is formatted for Mac or Windows.


    NOTE:  If you go to the iPod's Summary screen, and Enable disk use, then the iPod's disk appears as a storage disk to the Mac, and it will also appear in Disk Utility.  But you should not Enable disk use, unless you want to manually copy non-iTunes data to it, like it's a USB flash drive.

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    Thank you for your help!