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Hello, I'm having this problem with my Apple ID, literally everyday I get lots of mail from Apple saying that someone is trying to reset my password, then after 4-5 email I get one saying that the password has been reset. And it actually has, when I try to login again.

How can that be? I set up a security question, it's in Italian and it's pretty long and all the same I get my password reset and flooded with mails. It's really annoying, especially since I can't even delete my ID altogether.


Any hints? I'm sorry if this has already been answered but I had a quick look at the board and found nothing.



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    Hello there, AndreaMondello.


    The following Knowledge Base article has some great information on the security of your Apple ID:


    Apple ID: Security and your Apple ID



    Although all of the information is pertinent in maintaining the security of your account, I would recommend of particular importance, in your case, this section:

    If you believe your account information has been compromised, visit My Apple ID to change your password immediately. If you need additional help, contact Apple Support for assistance.

    Thanks for reaching out to Apple Support Communities.



    Pedro D.

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    Thanks. I forgot to mention that of course I reset my password every time I get these emails, although every time after one or two days I get new emails saying that there has been a request for a password reset, until I finally get one mail saying that the password has been reset. One time someone even downloaded a few free apps from his device before I could reset the password (my Apple ID is not linked to a credit card, luckily).


    I'll add a screenshot to be more clear:


    Basically this happens: I get a few emails saying "how to reset your password" although I never requested a reset from the website. Afterwards I get a confirmation my password has been reset. At this point I reset my password again since I can't access my ID anymore. Rinse and repeat. Someone is managing to change my password even though I have pretty secure password and security question.


    Anyway, I clicked on the link you gave me and found out about the two-step identification, I'll turn it on hoping this will solve the problem. Thanks again.

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    I can't enable the two-step verification method method because I don't have a device to make it work with.


    I keep having my password reset every other day, just now I had to change it once again to log into the community forums. Someone even downloaded free apps with my account (thank god I don't have a credit card linked to it). What should I do?