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VERY sadly I lost my 3rd Generation, wifi-only iPad in a taxi in Mexico (my parttime home). I tried using FindMyPhone app to find or lock my iPad, but it NEVER worked. Last Saturday, someone connected online (despite what the FindMyPhone said) and a handful of photos showed up in my DropBox. I have a very general idea where it is (not the city, only state of Guanajuato) and appears to be owned by a teacher.

BUT!!! Why can't Apple use the serial number to keep the person from creating a new account, tell me when and where it is online? I know people are getting robbed of their iPhones, iPads, etc often.


I do suspect Apple does not want to help, as victtims become new purchasers.


Any suggestions?


P.S. This weekend is Mexico Independence and I will go to the equivalent of our school district on Tuesday to see if anyone recognizes the photos of the classroom the apparent teacher took. So close, yet so far.


I am pretty heartbroken as it is a bit too expensive to replace.


P.P.S. AND, NO there is NO geolocation information in any of the photos. I have tried all the usual ways to recoup my 64GB baby.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.1.3
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    Apple (and no one else) can not assist (with serial number or iCloud) in finding a lost or stolen iPad.


    Report to police along with serial number. Change all your passwords.


    These links may be helpful.


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    http://sites.google.com/site/appleclubfhs/support/advice-and-articles/lost-or-st olen


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    If you don't know your lost/stolen iPad's serial number, use the instructions below. The S/N is also on the iPad's box.

    How to Find Your iPad Serial Number



    iOS: How to find the serial number, IMEI, MEID, CDN, and ICCID number



     Cheers, Tom

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    Sadly, if you read my post, you would see that none of these links help ME in the least. I was hoping for a real person answer, not a cut and paste of redundant, basic info that has little to do with my question. SORRY, I am VERY frustrated, so I am not being very nice about this.


    If you KNEW how many times, people who have never lost or had a device stolen offered the EXACT unhelpful advice you would understand. People seem to want to show off that they know a lot, not that they can help at all.


    I KNOW my serial number (one of the easiest things to figure out!). AND so does Apple. They also have a record that MY name and info is attached to THAT serial number.


    I KNOW my last resort was for Apple to see if there is some kind of help offererd by Apple. From what I can see, they COULD, but DO NOT!.

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    Change your iTunes (Apple ID) password along with any other password that was stored in the iPod.  If any passwords are associated with credit cards, contact the CC company and get your card replaced (with a new number).  If any passwords are associated with a bank or any other savings institution, contact them also and discuss approprate action with them.


    The "Find my..." function is pretty much useless if the device is in the hands of a thief.  All that is necessary is for the thief to connect to any computer with iTunes and "Restore as new."


    The only real protection you have is with the personal information on the device rather than the physical device itself.  This requires action before the device is lost/stolen.  If the device has significant personal information, it should have a strong 8-digit (or longer) password AND be configured for automatic wipe in the event of ten consecutive incorrect password entries.

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    Since I am not gettin an answer to my question...I am going to realize, along with long searches, that Apple chooses not to help lock out any stolen iPad, even letting them sync to iTunes and purchasing new apps, music, etc. Apple benefits regardless, so they really do not care at all.


    The Serial number cannot be wiped, eraased or hacked. The one and only piece of information that will always be with your device.


    Apple KNOWS your serial number, your name attached to it, and does nothing to prevent anyone else from using YOUR device.


    Like I said, my frustration is knowing that they COULD! But choose not to. I cannot, in good conscience buy a new replacement for this. I will buy used, or an Android.

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    I am not aware of any manufacturer of any product whatever that will assign resources to perform police work.  Android certainly won't do anything differently.  Further, no manufacturer in the world wants to get involved in a domestic dispute or a potentially legitimate sale where the seller has second thoughts.


    I strongly suggest that you take better care of your possessions.

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    DesignBimbo wrote:


    Since I am not gettin an answer to my question...I am going to realize, along with long searches, that Apple chooses not to help lock out any stolen iPad, even letting them sync to iTunes and purchasing new apps, music, etc. Apple benefits regardless, so they really do not care at all.



    Actually, with iOS 7 and Activation Lock you now can stop anyone from using your device without your permission (they need your AppleID password to disable find my iPhone and Activation lock, even if they erase the device).




    But I agree with the others that not only will Apple not get involved in any such legal matters, I personally feel no private corporation should do so.  I do not want a situation of big brother corporations doing the job of law enforcement.

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    Furthermore imagine it like this, I give you an iPad, we get ina  bad fight, I then declear that you stole it from me and then contact apple to find out where you are....Apple can't verify who the original purchase was meant for, who made it, or all the other legal headache that could come out of this.


    Because if they did provide this infomation so easily; imaigne if someone got YOUR serial number....and then pretended to be you to get all this infomation....

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    I too have had my iPad stolen recently and the police will flag the serial number if it is sold to any other store but I do not believe that applies if the person chooses to use the device for themselves. People sell their devices on the street to friends and family etc. and it would not be right of Apple to come in and say hey this is not the name the device was previously registered under so you cannot use it. However, the police will have some say so in locating the device and possibly reprimanding the individual who is using the device. If you have not already, contact your local police department. That is the only solution to your problem and if they are not willing to go the extra mile for a stolen iPad, then that is who you should be upset at.

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    I wouldn't expect much from the police.  They've got more important things to do than searching for an iPad that someone carelessly lost.