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VERY sadly I lost my 3rd Generation, wifi-only iPad in a taxi in Mexico (my parttime home). I tried using FindMyPhone app to find or lock my iPad, but it NEVER worked. Last Saturday, someone connected online (despite what the FindMyPhone said) and a handful of photos showed up in my DropBox. I have a very general idea where it is (not the city, only state of Guanajuato) and appears to be owned by a teacher.

BUT!!! Why can't Apple use the serial number to keep the person from creating a new account, tell me when and where it is online? I know people are getting robbed of their iPhones, iPads, etc often.


I do suspect Apple does not want to help, as victtims become new purchasers.


Any suggestions?


P.S. This weekend is Mexico Independence and I will go to the equivalent of our school district on Tuesday to see if anyone recognizes the photos of the classroom the apparent teacher took. So close, yet so far.


I am pretty heartbroken as it is a bit too expensive to replace.


P.P.S. AND, NO there is NO geolocation information in any of the photos. I have tried all the usual ways to recoup my 64GB baby.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6.1.3