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My computer is narcoleptic. I just falls asleep randomly after running perfectly for about 15 minutes. I have had this problem before and have called and done all of the things the guys from apple said, but they don't seem to have any answers. When it happened the first time, i eventually reinstalled the operating system and it worked ok for about two months. A couple of days ago, the same problem started happening all over again. It seems as if I am the only person who has experienced this. Has anyone heard of a problem similar to this one? If you have any advice or tips to what might be causing it, I would be very grateful.

Powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    I assume you mean the screen goes totally blank, and Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Energy Saver does not have anything in its setup to suggest it should go to sleep on its own after a certain period of time whether using battery or power adapter setup?
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    that's correct. I have the energy saver set to never for the computer going to sleep and 1 hour to put the screen to sleep.
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    See if the problem reproduces itself in a second user. Go to Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Accounts, create an admin user -> Logout from the Apple menu, login the new user and set up Energy Saver. If the sleep issue reproduces, you know the problem is system wide. If the sleep issue doesn't reproduce, then your Power Management and/or Energy Saver plist files are corrupt.

    System wide issues may be present in the plist files for the Hard drive -> Library, or an actual power manager issue.

    You may want to reset the power manager and see if it fixes itself:

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    I have had the same problem since upgrading to 10.4.6. I have deleted the PowerManagement settings from the library and resetted the PMU twice and it has been getting worse. At the moment I cannot even login without it falling to sleep at least once. I am quite new at managing these issues and I would love some further advice...

    Could the narcolepsy be cause by the change to Universal OS 10.4.6 as there are many theads about this topic..

    Powerbook G4 15"   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   1.67GHz 1GB RAM
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    Folding Thought,
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    I don't think 10.4.6 is universal, as the updates are still released PowerPC and Intel as separate entities. Given your issues have gotten worse after the power management, I'd take up the issue with AppleCare. In the future, please start your own topic thread if you don't have a solution for the original poster.
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    My computer is also narcoleptic. Recently it just falls asleep. This all started after I installed Tiger. Before it never happened. I am surprised to hear not even technicians have been able to tell you what is wrong. I have not taken it anywhere yet.
    Have you received any advice?
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    my powerbook also sleeps randomly! it also gets cds jammed when trying to eject, it overheats, iphoto asks me to rebuild the cache every time - im fed up with it and after paying 1399 for a brand new one six months ago, ive decided to take it back and see what they say

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    Used to have the same issue. But my solution was to do a fresh install of OSX and NOT do a data transfer but instead install files one by one repairing permissions after each install. Also dont use software update to upgrade tiger is the stand alone combo updates. Hope this helps.