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When I import photos to Apeture they go to the external HD.  I then edit in Apeture using the referenced files from that HD.  All my versions are saved, but I don't know how or where.  I am not very savvy with back up and how things are stored.  My internal HD had to be replaced, but I assumed that all my photos would be safe becasue I had them on my external HD.  Now Apeture looks brand new with no photos.  How do I restore the library?  I did not use (nor do I understand) "vaults".  I am worried that I only have masters stored on the external HD and all my versions (ie. tons of editing work) are now gone.  How do I proceed?  Many thanks for help.  I have had this problem for months but keep avoinding solving it.  Now I MUST dive in.

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    If the Aperture library was on the internal disk that was replaced then the only way to get the library back would be from any backups you have of it.


    In a situation like yours the originals are stored on the external but all the adjustments you made and metadata you added are kept in the library and if that library was on the internal disk it is now gone.


    Sorry to have to tell you this. At least you have the originals. Please take the time now to setup and begin using some backup plan.


    And make sure you make a copy of the external drive as soon as possible. Drives die (as you found out) and if that external goes you will loose your originals!.



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      I did not use (nor do I understand) "vaults".

    How did you restore your internal disk? Did you have a Time Machine backup of your system? Did the store who exchanged the internal drive make a backup of the drive, before they replaced it?

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    Restoring my internal drive was lengthly and convoluted.  It seems time machine was not doing what I had set it up to do.  Even now when I go back to before the crash the dates are there but there is no way to open that date. The store did not make a back up because time machine said it had done a back up.  I still feel, however, that there is a backup somewhere.  I am just not aware of how to look or find it.  With my photos, I was always worried that I would loose them so I made sure photos were on the external hard drive.  I just never made sure all the versions were.  Not even sure how to do that.  If I can't resore my library with all the versions, how do I at least get the masters back into Apeture?


    regards again!