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My Bluetooth function is defect. The Apple shop in Berlin confirmed it. I didn't know this because I never needed this function till now to connect it to my new car telecommunications kit. Unfortunately my guarantee time is over, just 22 days!! Apple's only solution is to give me a substitution device for 199 €.

My phone never fell down to the floor, it was always be protected and functions top. I'm very disappointed of this service, it's my first iPhone and I was so happy. But from the service I expected more. Can anybody give me some tips or tell me about similar experience? Would be very pleased.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4
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    What's so hard to understand?  Apple warranties their products for a year.  Doesn't matter that you never dropped your phone.  Your warranty EXPIRED.  That's life. 


    You can choose to be disappointed.  That's on you.  Apple lived up to it's contract with you--namely the one year warranty.  Doesn't matter if it's 22 seconds or 22 years after the warranty expires that you had your problem.  THE WARRANTY IS EXPIRED. 


    Stop being such a whiner.  If you're expecting sympathy here, you've come to the wrong place.