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  • Manitou20001 Level 1 Level 1

    That works fine. (USB from iMAC)

    But that is exact the way I don`t want to use any longer. Apple promised that TM via TC works fine, even if I have iMAC connected via ethernet. (Don`t get me wrong, not your prob.)

  • LaPastenague Level 9 Level 9

    Test then in complete network isolation.


    TC factory reset.. plug into the iMac.. and no other connection.. and see if the backup works.. if it fails there is a network problem.. Or the TC is no good.


    I strongly recommend you reset the TM see A4 pondini.



    And manually mount the TC hard disk on the computer..


    using finder.. go , connect to server.


    AFP://TCname or TCIPaddress


    Did it work before you upgraded to Mavericks.. because I think many people are having problems.


    Don't forget the TC if Gen1-4 needs to be on 7.6.4 firmware.. and needs IPv6 working in local link on the ethernet port.

  • Manitou20001 Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, I will do. But at the moment the backup via USB is running.

    Should I disconnect TC before (Is autodetected always)?


    I start my excurse with Lion on my iMAC with the same probs. So I thought might be a prob with Lion.

    Did fresh install with Mavericks USB.


    The IPv6 Topic is new for me (Its a Gen5 TC) . Do you have a link or description where I can read more about that ( In relationship with TC)?

  • LaPastenague Level 9 Level 9

    Need ipv6 in 6.3 utility


  • Manitou20001 Level 1 Level 1

    Did everything as told. No succes.  I installed the buddy widget. Intersting Log. It seems that TM creates the sparsebundle but in the next step TM is not able to access the sparsebundle.



    Attempting to mount network destination URL: afp://my%20name@TC._afpovertcp._tcp.local/Data

    Mounted network destination at mount point: /Volumes/Data-1 using URL: afp://my%20name@TC._afpovertcp._tcp.local/Data

    Creating disk image /Volumes/Data-1/my name Computer.sparsebundle

    Failed to hide extension on /Volumes/Data-1/my name Computer.sparsebundle, error: Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=4 "The file “my name Computer.sparsebundle” doesn’t exist." UserInfo=0x7fa519d2ae30 {NSURL=file:///Volumes/Data-1/my%20name%20Computer.sparsebundle/, NSFilePath=/Volumes/Data-1/my name Computer.sparsebundle, NSUnderlyingError=0x7fa519d2b510 "The operation couldn’t be completed. No such file or directory"}.

    Failed to eject volume /Volumes/Data-1 (FSVolumeRefNum: -144; status: -47; dissenting pid: 0)

    Waiting 60 seconds and trying again.

    Network destination already mounted at: /Volumes/Data-1

    Failed to eject volume /Volumes/Data-1 (FSVolumeRefNum: -144; status: -47; dissenting pid: 0)

    Waiting 60 seconds and trying again.

    Backup canceled.

    Failed to eject volume /Volumes/Data-1 (FSVolumeRefNum: -144; status: -47; dissenting pid: 0)

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