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Long one Sorry


I have not updated my iphone for over 15 months (using 4.2.1).

Can not access previous laptop or previous synced account (stollen)

Have a new laptop with an itunes account that only has my itunes purchased songs on (not syned to iphone)

I have over 3000+ songs on my iphone

I would like to transfer these songs to my new itunes account on new laptop

However, when attempting to sync from phone, I am prompted to update my software to 6.... (whichever)

It also says that if I update I will lose all the music apart from the small amount on my itunes laptop account.


How can I transfer the music from my phone to my new laptop itunes account before I update the software?


My IT skills are beginner, so please explain in non tech speak if poss, any help is appreciated



iPhone 4, iOS 4.2