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I have tried everything from the support sections of apple.com.  My ipod classic 80gb icon does not appear on the iTunes page when I want to upload my purchased music.  I also hear a clicking sound within the device, not sure of the gears are broken or off track.  Not sure what to do, I feel that the Ipod classic 80 GB still has alot more to give.  I don't want to discard it too.

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    A clicking sound coming from an iPod that uses a hard drive for storage, is likely to be from a faulty hard drive.  This is the iPod nano forum category, and nano's use flash-based storage, but you mentioned it's an 80GB iPod classic, which would have a hard drive.


    You can replace the hard drive, but to have a repair shop do it may not be economical.  If you are good at fixing electronic devices, this web site has DIY repair manuals