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I have been noticing a pattern ... when saving an image file in Photoshop CS5, it will display with a custom thumbnail icon.

When using Photoshop's Save For Web feature, the images will instead display with the white framed generic jpg icon.


At first I thought the missing profile was to blame (Save For Web strips off any color profile), but here's what's weird:

when opening and re-saving the same file via Photoshop or Preview, the custom thumbnail will suddenly show up.


Anyone have an idea for a workaround or how to fix?

Re-saving is really not an option, since we are talking hundreds of files & folders ...

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
  • Z_B-B Level 2 (200 points)

    select the icon of a file of that type and choose File -> Get Info. In the Info window, expand the Open With section if necessary, and select your preferred application from the pop-up menu. Click the Change All button and then click Continue in the confirming dialog box. Now this file type will always open in the application you prefer.

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    Thanks, but my issue is not about  opening image files, but about how the preview icons display within an image folder.


    Most photo files display an image preview as thumbnail icon, but some image files (after Saved For Web) only show up as generic JPG icons instead of the preview thumb.


    Frustrating, sinceoften times I need to search  for specific images within large folders and icon view is usually the best view mode for a fast overview.


    Adobe claims it's a Mac issue, but haven't found a workaround so far.

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    Don't have that version of PS but with CS3 I've checked these in the File Handling preference pane:

    Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 3.09.30 PM.jpg

    Do you have a similar pref pane in CS5?



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    It still looks similar in CS5 and Icon & Windows Thumbnail are selected in my preferences:



  • J & F Level 1 (5 points)

    Update: still struggling with the generic jpg icon/thumbnail issue.


    I trashed the Finder preference file ( & relaunched Finder - did not fix.


    I did Get Info on an indivual image file and deleted the icon in the top left on the Info window

    - this fixes the issue (image thumbnail shows up in folder), but there's no way to apply this workaround to hundreds of generic jpg files!


    Frustrating, since browsing large image folders in icon preview view is the fastest workflow for me.

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    This is still an ongoing & rather frustrating problem, especially when browsing large volume image folders:


    image files in most folders will only display as generic jpg icons in all four folder preview settings [icon, list, column or cover flow]


    Trashing the Finder preference file did NOT work, neither did relaunching the Finder.

    Two workarounds DO help, but are just too cumbersome to apply on a daily basis:


    A. Highlight a single icon > Get Info > delete generic jpg icon in the info window > close window

    B. Open folder > Command-F to bring up search window > select name of image folder > choose "Is Image" in the Kind option bar > all images now display in the folder window


    Also, I noticed there are four additional Finder preference files - each with a different seven digit letter/number combination after the file name ""


    Would it be safe to delete all these files ... or are these files maybe creating the issue?

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    Move them to the Desktop and reboot.  If there's no change and particularly if there's no additional problem then delete them.

  • J & F Level 1 (5 points)

    Moving/deleting these additional Finder preferences did not create any problems, but also didn't solve the issue.


    I noticed there is one additionl prefence file, named "" - should this one get deleted, as well?

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    Are you still using PS CS5? There's a known issue with PS CS6 not writing icons correctly (see the Photoshop user forum) but none that I know of with CS5.


    You might want to post in the Adobe Photoshop User forum ->



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    Yes, still running PhotoShop CS5 [version 12.0.4]

  • J & F Level 1 (5 points)

    Deleted Finder lockfile - no change.

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    Had the same problem, tried repairing permissions, flushing caches, trashing the plist.

    Here is what worked for me.


    The slow way

    1. open the file in preview
    2. select the image (Cmd-a)
    3. copy the image (Cmd-c)
    4. Back to Finder with the file selected
    5. Get information (Cmd-i)
    6. Select the image well (the littile icon at the top of the inspector window)
    7. Paste (cmd-v)
    8. Close info window and preview


    Fast Way

    1.      Open Automator
    2. Choose to create a service
    3. Runs on image files, in Finder
    4. In the Photos Library find "Add thumbnail Icon to Image Files" and drag it over
    5. Save
    6. Now you can select as many png files as you like and change them all
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    Do you have PS set to manage color?  I'm running C3 and when I save for web I get the color profiloe I've set PS to manage. Unless the later versions are different you should not lose the color profile if PS is set up correctly.

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