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I have been struggling with this one for some time. When iOS app updates are downloaded, the old versions are transferred from the iTunes library to the user's trash folder.


There have been occasions when users have tried the updated app, and found that the old version was more to their liking.


My wife and I have been trying for over a year to come up with a less risky solution than having to always remember to get them all out of the trash and manually store them somewhere else.


We have attempted to create an automator script that would upon execution take all the old apps that were just moved to the Trash by iTunes to a folder name "Old Apps Backup".  We have read tutorials, read about creating folder actions. but haven't ever been able to make it quite work as intended.


After a recent trash-emptying fiasco (and I do mean fiasco), I have been researching ways to somehow edit the .plist that governs Time Machine's standard exclusions to get Time Machine to somehow back up one user's trash, or, both user's trash.  I would rather have a larger backup than repeat this last fiasco.


I have scannned the .plist for any mentions of User/.Trash folders, to no avail. It does show the root /.Trashes folder as an exclusion. But, in User paths, .Trash is not shown as an exclusion. Still, Time Machine is  definitely not backing up User Trash - I used Cocktail to show all hidden folders and they definitely are not in my Time Machine backups.


So, I'm asking the community:


1) Any way to change where iTunes 10 sends old versions of updated apps? I have my doubts, but I might as well ask.


2) Could anyone point me towards an automator action, or an Applescript, that would take all of the old apps out of the user's trash and move them to a predetermined location?


3) Does anyone know how to force the Leopard version of Time Machine to include users home folder .Trash folders?


Thanks for looking

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  • Gordon Henderson Level 1 (5 points)

    This is an update. I have solved this one. I found a guide on ThinkDifferent which was a somewhat more detailed version of something I had seen in MacWorld.


    After (finally) learning how to attach a folder action to the invisible .Trash folder, I have a workflow that copies items from the trash to a a backup folder which is backed up by Time Machine.


    It does not discriminate between old iOS apps and real trash, but real trash can be jettisoned by  temporarily switching off Folder Actions using Folder Action Setup, moving items to Trash, and emptying it.