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Utility had issues with erasing disk. It took 36 hours and then said it was a failure. I tried repairing and verifying and partitioning. Finally, I used the original disk to install the system. It installed Snow Leopard. I was unable to install the 2nd disk ILife items, so I repurchased those. I thought I was all set but it would not upgrade past 10.6 or something. After it is all set up, I realize there is nothing on the computer. The updates were in download folders and in reading the install logs, it said the install disc was read only and the system was installed from somewhere else and then it was reaped and something about a sandbox and it seemed important that all the Asian languages were added in, even though I unchecked that option. All these odd programs and windows are on there, which I do not use and do not want on there and do not see it on there. So, I tried this several more times, it appears someone is using the Root user. I tried to disable the root user as I do not understand how to set it. Last night, I took the main partition that I put everything on and made me the owner and took over that whole disk. Then the other two were locked, do I ejected them. Then I wanted to erase 4 things - an iDisk an some other trash and the trash is suddenly emptying 989 items, I think were the logs. So, I turned it off. What is going on? I was unable to fix the install disk. The permissions were not repairable on the partition, it was verified as being ok though. Has someone taken over my computer? How can I get rid of them and get it fixed? It has affected my iPad and my iPhone 5. I really need these devices. I am an artist and need to take and post photos of my work. Is this Chinese people doing this and are they nearby?  I did notice they wanted me to sign up for mo ole me. in the logs  it even said, no .........@me.com. And no password access at that address.  So, I was also not able to update to Mountain Lion and Icloud again. at one point it looked like I had. i downloaded everything I purchased that was in Icloud to Itunes and it showed the lion in Mail but there was no cloud icon and Mountain Lion said to install, meaning it was not installed. System information confirmed this. oh, and my main disk in disk Utility is named with an unchangeable name that is the serial number of the mac and it says it is an in/out sata media drive. Please, please help me.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5), IMac 21.5 late 2010 -