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Matt Ramirez Level 1 (5 points)

I run a small deisgn house and we have 4 computers in house Here is a list of them and their OS


Station 1 :Imac 27in 2.66 core I5 with 10.8.4

Station 2 : Imac 21in 2.7 I5 10.8.4

Station 3: Imac 21in 2.5 I5 10.7.5


and we are using for the server computer a Power mac Duel 1.8 Power PC Tower 10.5.8


This is the problem we are having and cant figure out a fix.

So if station 1 adds a file or creates a fiolder on to the server only station one can edit or add to that folder. If station 2 tried to add to it it will say that they do not have permissions. Then I have to go to the server and Click get info on the file or folder and go down to sharing and permissions and select staff and change it to read and write. This is really a pain in the ***. Is there any way to have it so any of the stations can edit, make and create files that any stations can access. with out having to go to the server each time to change the permissions?


Thanks you for any help

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,202 points)

    Hi, try keeping the files in Shared folder, or do a Get Info on the Folder that holds these files, change Permissions on that folder to R&W for whover or everybody, then click the little gear below & choose Apply to enclosed items.

  • Matt Ramirez Level 1 (5 points)

    thats what I do already but I have to do that everytime someone adds to the folder. I want to find away to have it so I dont need to do this.

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,202 points)

    Which one, the Shared Folder? Or the other way... I thought Files in a Folder inhertited rights from the Folder they are created in?

  • Matt Ramirez Level 1 (5 points)

    I found the fix for this.


    1. Go to system Pref. click shareing

    2. Trun File shareing on and choose the drive or folder you would like to share.

    3. Add users. If you need to create a user do so here. By hitting the Plus sign.

    4. Go back to the main window of system pref.

    5. Go into User and Groups.

    6. Click the plus sign in the lower left like as if you were going to add another acocunt.

    7. In the drop of the new user winder change it from Standard to Group. Name the group and save.

    8. Now choose the users you created on the file shareing window to your group by just checking their name. If you dont see any users make sure you have highlited the group you created.

    9. find the drive or folder you would like to share right click on it and select get info.

    10. Make sure the box share folder is checked

    11. then in the sharing and permission secion of the get info window you will add the group you made.

    12 . Once you add the group you will see a check box show up that says Ignore owner ship of this volume. Check this box.

    13 you are done.