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Hi People,

I use iCal in Month view mainly with one or two events there per day... Gig here... Car tax there... Whatever...

When adding an event in month view iCal automatically puts it in at 0000 hours.

This is ok when I'm using iCal on my Mac.

But when I look at the events on my phone that I've synced with iCal I see the event at midnight on the day before AND at 0000 on the actual day it should be.

Still with me?

So, in an ideal world, I would like iCal to put events in at some time during the day to avoid this confusion.

I know I could go to week view to add an event at the proper time but that would defeat the quickness of just inputting a date in month view then publishing it at a click...

Anyone got any ideas?



15 Powerbook 1.5Ghz, Mac OS X (10.3.9), Lower memory slot not working.