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MY iPad will no longer print to my wireless hp office jet 6600 printer

iPad 2, iOS 6.1.1
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    ACtually it is a 6.1.3. Sorry


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    What is solution? Hp 6600 was recognized prior to my updating ipad2 and iPhone with Apple iOS 7.1.2 software update.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Don't spend too much time trying to figure this out.  Apple has total control of what apple products can do.  Since the upgrade to IOS my 6600 HP printer no longer is recognized by my Ipad.  Just to add insult to injury my Iphone's wifi is now greyed out and I can no longer use wifi.


    I didn't see this coming but think about how apple can force you to upgrade to other products by simply limiting a device's capability through an operating system upgrade.


    I made an appointment with an Apple genius today and they said "Sorry this is a hardware issue (Iphone) and you will need to upgrade."  Of course I will, a $700 phone or Ipad should only last a couple of years... right?


    I am not upset but I will be more critical in my future purchases of Apple products.