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i have problem

when i wnat install win7 on my macbook air 13"2013" after working with bootcamp and boot windows when installation finished my mouse , keyboard not working to setup an account

What can i DO?

  • Delgadoh Level 4 (1,405 points)

    Hey Pakdaman,


    I would follow these steps to resolve the issue:

    Follow these steps if your Magic Mouse or Apple Wireless Keyboard no longer responds when using Boot Camp to run Windows.

    1. Shut down Windows.
    2. Restart your computer using Mac OS X.
    3. Re-pair the mouse and re-pair the keyboard.
    4. Restart the computer using Windows; the mouse and keyboard should return to full operation.

    If you have recently applied a Windows update, your wireless keyboard may not wake your computer from sleep.  Clicking the Magic Mouse should always wake your computer up.  The next time you restart, your keyboard should return to normal operation.


    via: Resolving issues with Windows when using Apple Magic Mouse or Apple Wireless Keyboard


    Take care,


  • Pakdaman Level 1 (0 points)

    I am using Boot camp when i want to Create new user mouse and keyboad not working

    i am using this but not working

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    I just went through all of this myself and I was FINALLY able to get the re-pairing to work. (I had to borrow a USB keyboard and mouse because we gave all of our old ones away!). I found that persistence was the key. I did about a half dozen repair installs of the bootcamp drivers, and every time I tried pairing the mouse and keyboard it failed on me.

    What finally worked? Giving it a second and third go, instead of rebooting and reinstalling. I cant imagine why the driver install would fail once and then work fine the second time.


    Also, my mouse had difficulty being discoverable. I found that turning it on and off helped--that, and restarting after the mouse install. The keyboard worked immediately after pairing but the mouse would only function after rebooting.


    This was all after a winclone restore, from an un-prepped image that I had made made from a previous iMac before it got replaced. Whats weird is the keyboard and mouse worked fine after the initial restore and chkdsk cycle. It wasn't until ater I installed the bootcamp drivers that the two devices quit working. Weird.

  • Pakdaman Level 1 (0 points)

    if any body Can solve this problem please Help ME

  • aviator64 Level 1 (0 points)

    The folks who make Winclone came up with a solution. This worked on my Haswell iMac and my windoze 7 is now happy.


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    I had the same issue, but managed to pass through the setup account page, by logging in from windows parallel in osx (there my keyboard and mouse is working fine). Now my windows is working fine.


    Only problem i got now is I couldn't still make the keyboard mouse detected in windows if i log in directly, looking for a solution should be able to figure it out, i hope.


    will keep you posted.

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    Doing this terminal code worked for me.


    1. /dev/disk0


    2. sudo /usr/sbin/bless --device /dev/disk0s4 --setBoot --nextonly --legacy


    3. Entered password.  Get prompt to verify.


    Worked for me!!!!!


    Happy Troubleshooting

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    thanks a lot! Searched this for hours!

  • Almdudlerer Level 1 (0 points)

    This is the right answer!


    Don't keep searching for other solution. After hours of endless and disappointing attempts this one finally worked. Leave out the first line, enter just the second.


    My hardware: Macbook Air 6,2.

    Backup: Winclone 3 Windows 7 Prof 64 bit, from another Mac and prepared with SysPrep.


    Thank U so much!!

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    What is the partition number? Do I copy exactly that and enter??

    I'm not a computer expert so help me out please.

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    1) I have dual boots with Windows 7 + Boot camp on a Macbook pro retina. Win7 was installed early summer last year with Boot Camp 3. All worked well until one day I run software updates, installation of a new application and removal of some unused softwares. I didn't remember what I had done exactly but after restarting Windows, the screen turned to lower resolution (even the highest resolution's quite low), the keyboard backlight turned off and function keys (to adjust light, volume, etc) didn't work. Those problems only appeared on Windows , but not on OSx. It was annoying but not so terrible so I lived with that for many months. Recently I happened to know that Boot camp 5.1 exists, so just made Boot Camp installation on a USB disk and rerun it. All previous problems on Windows were gone and the laptop 's updated with quite up to date drivers. (Please note that Apple provides 2 Boot camp releases on the same day, so you need to select the right one for your Mac depending on the the product line and date)


    2) Just few days ago I got a new magic mouse, but failed to make it work on Windows. The setup of this bluetooth mouse on OSx is fast and easy. However, on Windows, adding this device was slow and it asked for a code for pairing with the laptop and the new added mouse just disappeared from the list of bluetooth devices after some minutes.

    I spent many hours to search for solutions and tried many of them (for example magic mouse paring code) , but none worked. The last post I read is amp.html

    I followed it but no hope either.

    Through tries, I noticed that in Device Manager window (go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound, and click Device Manager):

    + Under "Bluetooth Radios" there 're

       * Apple Built-in Bluetooth

       * Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

    + Under "Human Interface Devices" there 're

       * Apple Multitouch

       * Apple Multitouch Mouse

       * Apple Wireless Mouse (appeared on the list in less than couple of minutes after adding it to the bluetooth devices, then disappeared)

    Luckily, after a number of tries I got it works with the bellow combination of steps:


    1. Boot to OSx, remove the Magic Mouse from OSx bluetooth device, turn the mouse off


    2. Boot to Windows


    3. Open Device Manager. Start > (Right Click Computer) > Properties. Click Device Manager in upper left of this window.


    4. Click "Human Interface Devices" to expand the list of devices under it,

    remove "Apple Multitouch" by: Right click to "Apple Multitouch" and select "Uninstall" and click "OK"

    remove "Apple Multitouch Mouse" in similar way.


    After this step the Multitouch Mouse stops working, so I needed to use an additional USB mouse for next steps


    5. Click and expand "Bluetooth Radios", remove "Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator" by Right click and select "Uninstall" and click "OK"


    6. In the notification area of the task bar, right click on Bluetooth icon and select "Add a device". Turn on your mouse. It will show up on screen. Right click on the mouse icon. Select Properties. Select the "Services" tab and check the "Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc". The mouse may disappear from the screen since it's been added.


    7. Disable power management for Bluetooth Radio. Open device manager, open Bluetooth Radios and right click on "Apple Bluetooth". Select the "Power Management". Uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".


    8. Reboot Windows, Multitouch Mouse gets back to normal after reboot and the Magic Mouse should work (but it worked for few minutes and seemed went to sleep mode in my case)


    9. Reboot to OSx, pair the Magic Mouse with Bluetooth again.


    After that the Magic Mouse works well on both Windows and OSx.

    I am not sure if I forgot to mention anythings or if I run any redundant steps. Ah, I had the Boot Camp installation on a USB disk at hand, and I run E:\BootCamp\Drivers\Apple\AppleWirelessMouse64.exe more than once during earlier attempts.

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    Hy,i'm shooting down Windows, but i don't know how to boot mac os x! Please help me....

  • Madrid8350 Level 1 (0 points)

    HI, i have the same problem.i have a imac and my big problem is i cant return to imac,because when i started the imac only screen is with windows incomplete and my keyboard and mouse dont works,how can i return to mac osx ?

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    Try to Power off your computer and switch it on with Option keys ("alt") held down.

    Good luck!

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