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This is unbelievable, I feel like I am being punished for having too much music. I have been ripping my extensive CD collection to iTunes. This has taken the past two years, in my spare time. I have over 30,0000 songs added so far. (I have worked in the music industry most of my life). I have had no problem with iTunes Match until the past two months, until long after I was over 25,000 songs. Now I can no longer connect my Mac to iTunes Match.


Why can't I just pick the songs, albums or artists I want to sync with iTunes Match? Why do I need to remove 5,000 songs from iTunes for Match to work again? Why can't Apple just give us the option to upgrade, pay more to add up to 50,000 songs?


This is now a waste of my time, going through all of my music and removing what I spent so much time adding to my library.


I am really not happy about this. Does anyone have a logical solution?


Apple support said to make two iTunes libraries. Then I cannot add songs to ONE playlist.


Thank you


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