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Hello there. I'm having difficulties using headphones with my iPad. When headphones are connected the volume continues to come out of the speakers and not the headphones. I've tested the headphones (including more than one pair) and they all work on other devices. I am also certain that they were plugged in 100% correctly. I also made sure that the volume was indeed on, and that the volume was evenly distributed between both the right and left ear.


I was issued this iPad through school and I believe it's a Gen 1. If anyone could help me that'd be fantastic, although I have researched this a bit and haven't found a solution.


Thank you.

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    Hello LimeSodaH3,


    Sorry to hear that the audio is cutting out when using your stereo headset with your iPad.  I recommend following these steps for an issue like this (the steps refer to an iPhone but are also applicable to an iPad):


    No sound through stereo headset

    1. Inspect the headset jack for debris and clean if necessary.
    2. Connect the headset and make sure the connector is pushed in all the way.
    3. Check the volume setting. Adjust the volume by pressing the volume up and down button on the left side of the iPhone.
    4. If you are trying to listen to music and cannot hear any audio, make sure that the music on iPhone is not paused. Try squeezing the headset microphone to resume playback. Additionally, from the Home screen you can choose iPod > Now Playing, then tap Play.
    5. Make sure the latest version of iTunes is installed on the computer that you are syncing the iPhone with (songs purchased from the iTunes Store using earlier versions of iTunes won't play).
    6. Try another Apple headset (some third-party headsets require an adapter to be used with original iPhone).
    7. Try a different song or video.
    8. Check to see if the iPhone alert sounds or other iPhone sound effects exhibit the same audio issues.
    9. Disconnect the headset from the iPhone and see if sound comes from the built-in speaker.

    My issue is still not resolved. What do I do next?

    Contact Apple Support

    You can find the full article here:

    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting



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    Sheila M.