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So a friend had damaged her iPod touch by dropping it some time ago. It has been sitting in her drawer ever since (she got a new device). It is now out of warranty and she said I could have it, but only catch is i'd have to fix it some how.


Problems are:


1) iPod is locked - She doesn't know the passcode it was set to.

2) Home key broken - Unable to do a reset as per the many links I see online.

3) Assistive touch is off - Unable to turn this on as the phone is locked and I can't unlock it.

4) We no longer have access to the original PC that it was sync'd with. I've managed to get it linked to my itunes but can't do anything with it do to the fact it won't let me as iPod is locked.


So basically it almost seems there is nothing that can be done but would appreciate your help if possible. Ideally if I can get it unlocked without losing the data so I can keep the music that is on there it would be good. If not then a full reset is fine.


Can this be done? Can we turn on assistive touch without unlocking the phone and no home key? Please help,

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