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My i phone 4 cdma vergion carrier. my saved contacts are not display while calling, only number display please solve this issue.

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.3, 10b329
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    Cdma iphone doesnt support talk and surf it means if your not connected to internet your active sync for contacts will be suspended , the  solution for this is to make the contacts locally saved , if your using iCloud you have to turn off contacts and keep the contacts in the iphone ( you will be prompted with that) either keep on the iphone or delete from iphone ... You will have to choose keep on the iphone ... That will automatically save locally the numbers and names...and turn on contacts again ... This will resolve the issue if and only if your contacts are all in icloud .... I hope they fix this in ios 7

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    This by the way if youre in a call , it doesnt support talk and surf ....

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    Dial *228  and select option 1. Afterwards close phone app. Then try it