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So, I got this app game called Trigger Fist, and it said it was free for the day. Obviously I said okay, free game, no harm in seeing if it's good or not. Just after downloading the game, I went to check my account balance to see if I had the money to get a couple games a friend recommended me. I was shocked to see I was a dollar short, a dollar I know I had. Where my account had been 12.36 before, 11.37 was there. I automatically connected it to the only app I've downloaded recently, Trigger Fist. I want to know if there's some way I can get my money back. I don't even want the game, so if its purchase is removed from my account, all the better. I did get a screen cap, in hopes of posting the free game's news to Facebook, of it saying the game was free. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

iPad, iOS 6.1.4
Solved by Diavonex on Sep 17, 2013 11:10 PM Solved

If you update your billing information, the iTunes Store will place an authorization hold on your payment card account, usually in the amount of 1 USD, to verify your account information.