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l just bought a brand new Seagate External HD "Backup Plus" 1TB, to connect with my old iMac 10.4.11.


Again: 10.4.11!!


I have repeated that because after explaining which type of computer l was to use, both Seagate and the famous computer retailer where l've bought it, told me that they were compatible!


Turns out instead that, well... it was NOT apparently.


Neither re-formatting the Drive and installaing of the Software could be possible... So: stuck.


I have found a way around it: in fact on the re-formatting process (through the Utility Disk), instead of selecting 'MS-DOS File System' (which was required), l have selected 'Mac Os Extended (Journaled)' - just to see what could happen.

Lucky enough It seemd to work (?) - no idea about what or why, anyways now l was able to drag files inside, plug it, unplug it and verything... it seemd to work.


But here comes something quite strange:


When l dragged the files into the Driver they initially seemed a little 'slow'... :S


So l thought to try to compare it with another External Hard Driver to see what difference could come up...


I have dragged the same file, into my Brand New 1TB drive, and my stuffed & creepy old Verbatim 500GB at the same time. The result was:, the brand new 1TB Seagate took well DOUBLE the time than the stuffed old Verbatim 500GB one, to get the files in!! Wiered!


So here l am not shure if all this is normal or somewhere there is something 'funny', so l was looking to ask if someone could tell me about it.

So, why is i that my brand new 1 TB empty HD is much slower than my old completely full 500GB one?


Is it because 1TB is bigger than 500GB and it requires double work (dispite the fact that they have a much different age)?

Is it because the new one has been sort of 'cracked'?

Is it maybe bacause the new one comes with USB3 (backwords compatible)?

Is it for other reasons?


Just, why?


I am not shure is what l have got here is worthwhile keeping, because it seems a little strange.



Thank you to being so kind to let me know

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)