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I am selling my 2008 iMac but I dont want to completely wipe it before selling because it has Office installed and I believe that will increase the selling price. I don't have the Office CD to reinstall. My question is how do I make sure I delete all the personal passwords and other personal information before I sell it. Any information will be appreciated.



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    Very easy, do an erase and installl of OS X. However without any knowledge of the version of OS X that is on the machine, what verison it originally shipped with or any other information it's impossible to be more specific than that.


    There are quite a few articles available on how prepare a iMac for sale, I'd suggest Googling some and going through them.

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    But the issue is that the erase will also remove Office for Mac and I dont have the Office CD to reinstall. Having Office there increases the value so I dont want to go for the complete erase.



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    the following article tells how to prepare the mac for sale:




    also even if you leave the microsoft office for mac installed on the mac the other person will still have issues if they ever need to reinstall it for some reason so it's really not doing anyone any favors.

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    well thanks for the help. I have not had issues with Office in 5 years. Its pretty stable. I know how much some of you mac diehards love to hate microsoft stuff but Office is a good product and is highly sought after, If I have to buy a mac, I will prefer one with Office rather than without it. Sorry for the rant. I still need to know all the secret folders where passwords are stored so i can delete them for sure.