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I'm unable to make or receive calls after the iOS 7 update.  Any ideas about how to resolve this issue?

iPhone 5, iOS 7
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    First I would try resetting the iPhone.

    (Hold the hold button and home button together for 10 or so seconds until you see apple logo)


    Then if that doesn't work, reset network settings:

    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

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    I had already reset my iPhone.  But thanks for the suggestion.  I realize not everyone knows about that option.


    I just tried resetting the network settings but I am still am unable to make or receive calls.  Any other ideas?

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    Hmm, those shoudl normally fix it. You can also try running through the steps in here, like removing and reinserting SIM card:


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    I am also unable to make or receive calls after having upgraded to iOS 7. I've restarted the phone, reset network settings, reseated the SIM, and am currently running a restore on the phone to factory settings. I'm also able to receive some, but not all, SMS text messages (haven't tried MMS). Wifi is working.

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    I've restored my phone, and am still unable to receive calls.

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    All right... I'm still unable to make or receive calls but can access 4G LTE for data.  I've tried:

         toggling airplane mode,

         power-cycling the phone,

         performing a soft reset,

         resetting network settings,

          removing and replacing the SIM card,  

         restoring the phone (twice),

         (and with VZW) putting my old iPhone back on the line temporarily

         and putting my iPhone 5 back on the line.


    While VZW was going through the process of sending out a CLNR I saw that I suddenly had 3G coverage and was able to make a test call.  I just reset my network settings (for the umpteenth time) and now have 4G LTE.  My test call was successful.  I'm not sure what finally did it (although I suspect it had something to do with switching out the phones) but everything seems to be working okay.


    Hopefully this will help someone else!

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    Alright, so I've called Sprint, and their response was "wait 12 to 24 hours." Within 12 hours of that conversation, my phone was back up and running, and I could make and receive calls (though I missed a couple of calls this morning >.< ). I've been able to send and receive text since I restored the phone last night, but I don't know if that had anything to do with it starting to work.

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    What we did to fix this:


    Dial ##873283# and press call.


    Phone will reconnect and refresh.  Calls were able to be made directly after this.

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    So here's the solution, I had two iPhone 4S that went of the spring network and would not go back on. Sprint said it was an Apple problem and Apple said it was a Sprint problem. I had a very persistent Sprint employee who actually wanted to get it fixed, so he called the Sprint NSS (sprint employes only) and did all the stuff already mentioned online, however the tech on the other end kept cycling the phone on and off the sprint network until it reconnected ( approx 10-15 times. This could only be done by the sprint tech on the phone since they have access to the system to be able too do this. This solved the problem on both phones and was the only solution we found. Prior to this I had the sprint store employee try to connect another phone to our number to try and transfer phones but being that the same thing was happening on this phone also the sprint employee new it was the sprint network and not the iPhone. Hope this helps!

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    THANK You so much!!!!!!!

    this is the only thing that has worked!!!! My daughter has a 4s that on,y makes calls if she in in extended range mode from her homeland  it will not make calls in 3G At her home. ( i have the same phone and mine works when i am sitting right beside of her! Her 4s works fine in a

    major metropolitan area, this confuses me.  Do you have any ideas on that?