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  • svahldic Level 1 Level 1

    Haven't got a chance to try and delete the emails from iMessage and reset like recently suggested but I did test turning off icloud on all devices and then it worked perfect by displaying the phones name. Of course that doesn't help if you need icloud on but it may be a clue to where the issue is.

  • larryr1 Level 1 Level 1

    Sigjuice did you try deleting the email addresses in iMessage and FaceTime?

  • sigjuice Level 1 Level 1

    Larryr1, I gave up on that .  The email that I tried to remove produced "This email address could not be removed."  Here's a picture.



  • larryr1 Level 1 Level 1

    Sigjuice, I just intentially messed up our iPhones and then went through the process again and was able to fix them again by removing the email addresses and phone numbers that allowed me to remove them. The email address you cannot remove is likely your Apple ID, so uncheck this email address.


    Remove everything else that can be removed and uncheck those that cannot be removed.


    Touch your Apple ID and this should give the option of signing out. Do sign out.


    Then disable iMessage.


    Then turn on iMessage back on.


    Sign back into your Apple ID.


    Select your iPhone phone number or add an email address that is NOT your Apple ID. YOUR iPhone and iPad MUST use the same phone number and email address. I used only my iPhone number and no email address.


    Do the same for your other family member's devices each using different phone numbers and email address. from the other. However, Mom's iphone and ipad MUST use the same phone number/email address and so on. This will work, please let me know the outcome.

  • sigjuice Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Larryr1,  Thanks again for your detailed instructions.  Unfortunately, I am too far down the road to separate iCloud IDs.  The plan is to use separate IDs for a few days and see how we like it.  I will revisit this in case things don't go well.

  • ssie Level 1 Level 1

    Guys this is purely an icloud issue IF you are sharing an apple ID with someone. It's very easy to fix and i fixed it using most of your problems in this thread. If you are sharing the same apple ID your icloud is associated with that apple ID and you are sharing the same icloud email addy. Dip into settings > icloud and check the email addy. If you are sharing the same delete the addy from the phone that you do NOT want associated with the name appearing. It would appear as if everyone will need their own icloud address. Hopefully this helps, it immedietley helped for me when my phone was appearing as my spouses name and picture on my fathers phone. This is gauranteed!

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    I am not sure it is just an iCloud issue, I got my wife and son to create new iCloud accounts, removed all emails from contact details and each iCloud account has different id and email. If I chose everyone it shows up correctly with each of us displaying the correct name. However if I chose my contacts it immediately refers to my wife's details. So somehow it is linked with contacts. I have turned off airdrop until apple fixes the defect.

  • Rampacher Level 1 Level 1

    While I noticed I have the same issue of the user name in Airdrop being used amongst my family's multiple iPhone5s which use the same AppleID, the issue doesn't persist with other users iPhone5s when Airdropping to them. When I Airdrop with my family, we all show up as my wife's name in the available users seen (which incidentally was the first device to upgrade to iOS 7). When I Airdrop with a friend, my name appears on his user list.


    Now I'm going to get all these devices in the same room and see what names are shared amongst them.



  • Rogerpk Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem and fixed it by simply deleting my wife's Apple I.D., which was the same as mine, and getting her a new I.D.  While I agree with the many others who say that Apple should be using the device I.D. To identify nearby devices, they are apparently using Apple I.D.s.

  • H2osensei Level 1 Level 1

    I just figured mine out.


    I went under my contact and under "Nickname" it had my Son's name.  Not sure how it got there, but I removed and Voila.... It is now showing my name.

  • Mroutlaw Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same issue and figured out how to correct it.  This has to do with the iCloud address and contact information.   When you turn in airdrop, choose airdrop everyone instead of contacts only.  When you do this, it uses the device name instead of iCloud name

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    ok i dont know if or how this has anything to do with it but i had the same issue with my daughter's and my sons and mine and my husband's iphones.... mine and my daughters both said my daughters name and my son and husbands both said my husbands name....  have no clue HOW this cud have fixed it but it did..... i noticed the pic that was my daughters identity was her facebook profile...  all i did was go into the facebook setting in the phone.... not thru facebook app but in the actual iphone settings under facebook section where u sign in and one of the options is "allow these apps to use ur account" and i unchecked "contacts" the end.... thats all i did and now we all are normal. we all use the SAME apple id so we can share our music, movie, and app purchases but all use our own email and phone numbers within that apple id for facetime and imessage in each of our devices and we each have an iphone and ipad and all works perfectly just the airdrop feature was messed up and now just by turning off facebok contacts its normal. hope it helps someone else.

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    Photos for Mac

    The easiest thing to do is:


    1. Log in to Manage My Apple ID.


    2. Disassociate the email of the person showing up as you on Air Drop.


    3. Log in to Air Drop and it will show the primary account holders name.


    4.  Now that your account has the proper association, go back and add the email you previously deleted.  You will notice     that, though the email is back, it no longer identifies your air drop with that email.

  • Yaniv00 Level 1 Level 1

    I've started using AirDrop on my devices and I notice that on my phone, when I share with say my iPad, my wifes name comes up on the airdrop list.  So my phone isn't displaying my information when it is trying to send a file.  I went and deleted my wifes contact and the issue resolved. I made her a new contact card and again, her name showed up on my phone when I was trying to send a file.  This issue is very strange.

  • ziggy6894 Level 1 Level 1
    Photos for Mac

    Take the steps listed above beginning with logging into Manage my Apple ID

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