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I recently got my iPhone 4S 16GB. Its running 6.1.3, and I noticed this bug last night when I was trying to record something at my school. I will take a picture, the frame will fly down into the little slot, but if I try to view it, it doesn't show up. If I try to take a video, the buttons disappear at the top, makes a ding that sounds like its recording, and then the buttons appear, and doesn't record. If I try to do this repeatedly, the app goes black, and I hit the home button to exit, or sometimes I have to force restart the phone. Will this be fixed if I update the phone to iOS7? Any help is appreciated.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Its fixed. Called Apple Support, and they were able to give me tips about how I could possibly do it. After about half an hour of stressful wiping, I managed to restore from a backup from yesterday at midnight, I wish I could've done the one before wiping, but iCloud was being, well, iCloud. Magically the camera started saving pictures again.

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    Uh, could you tip us too, so we can be spared the call to Apple support - not that it's in general bad, the support. Just easier to DIY.


    Its all the apps connected to the camera for me. Hipstamatic, Camera+ and Camera. If I make a reset and star the phone again I can use these apps. But after some use - impossible. It's like ... when the get the photo back from iOS7, it happens. That's my feeling, anyway.





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    well I agree with jakob.joergensen but since the other guy did not tell you how to fix the issue I am going to tell you how first of all you have to hold the home button and power button untill a apple sign shows up on the screen. after that once the apple sign has disaperd you press the home button . finally your camera should be working.


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