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Esteemed Gurus,


I recently moved everything back to Montana and then moved the gear back to Kansas City to finish the editing.

For some reason I touched the easy setup and totally destroyed the prevously prefectly functioning set up. I know I am getting old...


Anyway, I am attempting to put Humpty back together again. I think I have everything looking good, but....


I just set an in point in the log and Capture window. then I fast forwarded about 12 mintues to a point where it would be logical to end the capture. I then set the out point and the in point changed to the place I had just clicked.


This repeated several times. I decided to re- initialize the capture window and tried that. Nope. Then I quit FCP and restarted. Still happened. Checked the Kona 3 control panel settings - all looked fine.


The I captured a shorter clip. worked fine.


So I captured 3 shorter clips instead of one larger one.


This is not a huge issue but it just reset the Mark in again.... So I am uncertain about what is going on?


We are capturing using HDSDI on the Kona 3 and the J-H3 Sony VTR.


Tape baby- Tape!



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    Ok doing a new trick...


    Now it is showing that the total capture is 11:25:03. The in and out are stable. The TC box in the upper right is stuck on the out number and teh TC box in the upper left is staying at the time to capture.


    In the lower part of the capture window is say the time remaining to capture is the same as the total to capture. So Am i have a communication issue with Time Code?




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    Not sure if this is the problem, but I've found that getting the easy setup properly configured is the key to successful capture.  Although you can go in to each individual setting for capture, device control, etc unless you have an easy setup configured properly and chosen, you'll have problems. 


    That said, I'm not clear on what you're seeing.  Is the timecode in the log and capture window updating properly when you play a tape?  Does the deck preroll properly when you select a logged clip and "batch capture?"

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    Hi Michael,


    I should be kept outside of an edit suite... even if it is MY edit suite....


    No the TC was not updating properly at all. I'd captured several hours of footage with out realizing it was all botched. But until yesterday morning, things at least seemed to be "normal". then the TC began to act funny and the pre-roll began to act insane. I think I had "adjusted" one more thing....


    Today, I went back into the Audio/video setting and went through each setting one at a time, From the general tab to the devices presets. Most of these had been set correctly.But, I had tried to optimize everything for this capture and had incorrectly set - at least a few things. When you finish the changes, the screen does prompt you to set up a custom "easy setup". So I did. 


    Then I went to the Kona3 control panel that is where I found the problems. Some Gremlin must have gotten in there. The sound was being captured from the wrong input - that is what led to totally screwed up synch sound. There other color problems surfaced and were also corrected, by resetting the mode to YUV. I ended up spending about two hours getting everything retweaked.


    I've now done a test capture which showed the control panel issues, and then just now a longer 11 minute one. Color looks very good and the sound is in synch. The TC issues are all gone and the numbers match. They also are not resetting to one end or the other of the marks whether In's or Out's .. I hope some cameraman and or producer would learn to leave things alone.... (he said sheepishly)...


    Thanks for your input.