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I want to use the headset out on  my laptop but only see bluetooth

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    Once there are other options in the System Preferences > Sound > Input tab and Output tab then iChat will show those sources.


    Pic of my System Preferences and my Messages settings


    The Mac has an Internal Mic but I am using a USB Mic.


    On another computer running Leopard I have a USB 2.0 external Camera with it's own Mic and that is using the Camera's mic.


    You can get USB headsets.

    You can get 3.5 mm jack ones with a jack for Input and Output. This sort may be unsuitable as 3.5mm jack mic may also not work.

    Mic are styled Lo-in Line and Hi-In line and a Mac needs them to be Hi-in Line  (PC mics tend to be Lo-in line devices)



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