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I am buying an iPhone 5S online from Apple on Friday, Sept. 20.  My understanding is I can have it delivered to my house or my local Apple Store.  I currently have a 4S.  My carrier is Verizon.  I know the 5S uses a nano SIM card and my 4S has a micro SIM card.  I don't think cutting the micro SIM card down to size is a good idea.  So, my understanding is I need to activate that new nano SIM card (which I assume will come with my Verizon iPhone 5S).  Do I need to go to Verizon to have the new nano SIM card activated?  Can I go to my Apple Store and have them activate the new nano SIM card?


If I can activate the new nano SIM card at either my Verizon store or the Apple Store is the a reason for preferring one over the other?


Thanks for the help in advance.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3