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    True. The focus group studies done by Apple in 1983 PROVED that consumers hated the idea of a computer mouse, and would never get a computer that required one to operate.

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    "The bad news is that they made such a stink about how beautiful "flat" is, that I think we are stuck with the overall design."


    I fear you're right, flexmarketman. Which would be quite sad.


    Much talk in this thread about caveat emptor, that people have the ability to research iOS7 and choose not to move. Well that apparently isn't always the case. I have an iPhone 4S that fritzed out and was replaced under Apple Care plan (that I paid for). The replacement was sent with iOS7. I had *no* choice. After 2 weeks of trying to get used to it, I dislike it more than ever.


    We have an iPad 4th gen that keeps losing Wifi connection. Months of this and tech support has thrown in the towel and want to replace it under Apple Care. Guess which iOS that will come with? My wife will stop using the iPad before switching to iOS 7. Meanwhile she's been putting up with constant wifi disconnects turning a magical, special Christmas gift into a year-long exercise in stress and frustration.


    After some serious citywide blackouts my iPad 3rd gen has developed wifi probs. (if anyone can help it's at ). Escalated tech support had no luck. Only thing left to try is completely resetting the iPad. Only way to do that is to end up with iOS7. Not a chance in ****.


    We have 2 iPhones, an iPod Touch, 2 iPads and Apple TV. We will get rid of all of our Apple products if we're forced into iOS7. The only *only* reason we purchased them is the interface. Not because the devices are customizable, or cheap, or can use cables that everyone else uses, or are inexpensively expandable with SD cards... It was the elegant richness of the graphics on that incredible retina display.


    Ironic... after losing my first iPhone I tried Android. Spent 6 months downloading themes, icons and tweaks to create what was in fact my old iPhone. Never succeeded. I'd look at that flat, boring, uninspiring keyboard every day and think of how beautiful iOS was. Finally got another iPhone and was quite pleased to see that cool, elegant keyboard again. What do I see now on my replacement iPhone? A flat, boring, uninspiring keyboard. Every day.


    I actually laughed when Windows 8 was launched. It looked like the signs at the airport pointing to the washrooms. It seemed that Apple was the only one capable of a really nice UI. But compared to this thing, it's at least vivid and crisp. And we're even having trouble reading anything without glasses. Those d*mned skinny fonts on all that blinding white (no, inverting colours, expanding font size etc does not help)


    Any manufacturer normally retains the right to modify its products. The problem here is that this modification is way, way beyond extreme and affects the essence of the product. Like buying a Maserati perhaps because you like the look. And, while you were sleeping, Maserati snuck into your garage and replaced the lovely leather seats with a "beautifully minimalistic" bench. Welded a "flat" box around the exterior. I'm sure benches and boxes are quite nice. But that's not why I overpaid for the car.


    And it's exacerbated by Apple's stubbornness. Does anyone actually believe that it is not technically possible to roll back a digital device? We don't even have the opportunity to create and restore a backup image. This is what Apple has decided is good for us and for the Apple corporation. Subsequently, we've wasted the extra money for these Apple Care coverages because we trusted Apple. And after their unfortunate map experience they're probably loathe to acknowledge the number of unhappy customers.


    I miss Jobs' and Forstall's sensibilities.

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    I completely agree.   A focus group research is a blunt instrument that needs to be used in select situations.    It is very common to get that sort of result with new technologies, so the results should be taken with a massive grain of salt.  But, we are not talking a new technology in this case;  esthetics is a very easy thing to reasearch.   Customers know when they look at something if they find it beautiful or ugly.   And, only a small portion change their mind over time. 


    I fully acknowledge that many people love the IOS 7 look, including one of my kids.   As a multi-billion dollar company, isn't it strange that Apple did not anticipate  the negative rection of many customers to the color scheme, thin fonts, and transition animations?   Why didn't they have some of the "fixes" ready before the launch of IOS 7?    This situation shows a failure of Marketing,  a failure of responsibility to the customer, and a failure in leadership.


    I've been a huge Apple fan since the 80s, but I'm dumbfounded by their lack of customer-focus with the IOS 7 launch.

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    Is there a technical support question somewhere in this pathetic screed?

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    Eloquently said, hot_spur!


    But next time you see a lot of words, don't read them. They might not contain a "technical support question" since the Terms of Use that we're often pointed to do not require that of any post here. Discussions on "product features is welcome as well".

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    Thank you, John for the balanced reply.


    Hot_spur:  Your posting would also have been removed if there was a requirement that it have a technical question or answer.

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    i love the ios 7 interface, transparancy and features. also a big fan of 3D animation.


    Thank you

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    Good news.


    Looks like some of the most offensive changes from IOS7 are being updated with v7.1.  Apple is coming part way back to IOS6 including improved icon coloration, button shading, button shape improvements, and keyboard readability.



    It is nice to see that Apple is recognizing that they screwed up and addressing it.  It is a shame that they were so arrogant as to push the original crappy version out the door, buggy and ugly. 


    Hopefully this is Jony's last OS.  Bring back Scott!

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    Thanks for the link, flexmarketman. I was optimistic then kinda crestfallen when I saw the plans. For me it's not nearly enough. They're now trying to paint the bench they put in the Maserati. I want my luxury leather back.


    A basic tenet of agreements is that you don't change the agreement in the middle of the agreement. Unless everyone agrees. They've changed but in the extreme. How do they get all the way back and save face if indeed they realize they should?


    I think you nailed it when you suggested that "The bad news is that they made such a stink about how beautiful "flat" is, that I think we are stuck with the overall design." Maybe after a whole lot of gradual changes we'll get shaded buttons and gradations again.


    Seems sadly rudderless these days.

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    My iPad 3 started having some weird airplay\audio issues after upgrading to 7.0.4.  Went to the Apple store and to my surprise they swapped the device (didn't even cross my mind as an outcome going into the store).  I was informed that it would be just a few minutes while they upgrade the replacement device to iOS 7.  I asked them to repeat what they had just said and responded  "Noo,... I'm cool with iOS6".  The iPad stayed at 6.1.3 and I headed home.

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    I pretty much just made this account here to say this.

    I have a yellow 5C and while I love the design of the phone itself, I, too hate iOS 7. My Christmas was a day of headache from the parallax effects and such. My old phone which I no longer own (iPhone 4 with iOS 6) never gave me these issues and the animation as well as textures were graceful and tasteful and I loved my phone very much. Obviously however I had no choice as it came with iOS 7.


    Reduced motion and increased contrast do help, however now it makes everything bland and feel more like Android.


    To Apple if they are reading this: Please quit trying to make the new version of iOS 7 just to make a new iOS, and give us the option to revert to iOS 6 or the like.

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    BFCA wrote:


    I pretty much just made this account here to say this.

    Tell Apple, not us...

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    Done. Thanks for the link.

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    Not a terribly friendly response to your post, BFCA, but there are those of us who would like to hear your thoughts. That's one of the purposes of this forum as stated in the Terms of Use.


    Nice to know others are thinking the same. Maybe enough of that and changes might be made.



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    Not a terribly friendly response to your post, BFCA


    Actually, it was friendly enough but more importantly, it was very, very useful.

    JohnrC123 wrote:


    Nice to know others are thinking the same.

    Not really useful though except maybe to make you feel better.

    Kumbaya and all...

    Maybe enough of that and changes might be made.

    How would these changes get identified to Apple?


    That's why the link to feedback is pretty important.