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I've a problem:


I've changed my apple ID a week ago in ios 6. Everything was working fine until I've updated to ios 7 today. In ios 7 I've to re-enter my iCloud id password. That's not a problem but the password isn't accepted. This is because the iCloud ID is still configured to use my old apple ID! It's greyed out, so I can not change it. The solutions that I've found all telling to delete the iCloud ID first and then to connect it again with the new credentials...., but in Ios 7 there is a new security feature: To delete the iCloud ID you've to first logon to disable find my iPhone! I can't logon beause of the wrong id :-( the chicken and the egg....


Please apple help!

iPhone 5, iOS 7
  • randers4 Level 9 (62,715 points)

    Kelsey F managed to get around this in the discussion here:, although it isn't clear what he/she did.  In one of the posts he/she says "I had a little bit of an issue with Find My iPhone, because it wouldn't turn off unless I could enter my password. I got around that by selected the other option when it asked whether to keep my iCloud data on the phone or delete it (I can't remember which one I picked, so if you have this issue too, try picking the other option). Afterwards, I just logged back in with the right email."

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    I had the same problem as I had changed my email for my apple id but the icloud still had my old email.


    Only way round it for me was to login to my apple account and change my email back to my old email which I then had to verfiy.


    Then my password worked when trying to disable find my phone.

    I then deleted my icloud account ( Under settings - Icloud )

    Then changed my email back to my new email account - verfiy again - then the login worked.


    A lot of hassel but this seemed to work for me


    Login for Mange apple id

  • Dizzybas Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you For the quick help! Unfortunately it didn't work. It still keeps asking to disable find my iPhone first. I've tried both the options (delete en keep the data) but both options still keep asking for a password....

  • randers4 Level 9 (62,715 points)

    Thanks for sharing this.  That sounds like it should work for others as well.

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    I had the same problem as you but I unfortunately don't have access to the old email...


    This is a caveat Apple needs to fix since it's so easy to overlook...

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    Thank you Brackers28! That worked! Glad to still have access tot that old e-mail address...

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    This solution solved my problem



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    I have the same issue. My old email account doesn't exist any longer. There is no way to go back to it because it cannot be verified. I don't understand how it worked before the update and not now. I can not delete account because I can not turn off the 'find my phone'.  My phone and iPad are now crippled.


    Any other ideas?

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    The only other solution I'm seen today was posted by Kelsy F here:, although I'm not sure what he/she did.  Perhaps choosing to delete the iCloud data allows you to sign back in with your new ID.  If so, please post back as it would be good to know how to do this to help others.

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    Ok that worked.  When asked to insert password to turn off 'find my phone' it accepted it this time and deleted the account even though the old account was listed. I then was able to sign in using my new ID. Worked on iPad and iPhone.


    Good luck to those that have this issue.

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    Can you elaborate on what you did?  Are you saying that you entered the wrong password to turn off Find My iphone, and you were still given the option to delete the account?

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    Yes, choosing to allow deletion of the data on the device seems to be the key. After selecting that option it accepted my password, disabled 'Find My Phone', and deleted the account. It would not accept the password to disable 'Find My Phone when choosing to keep the data on the device.


    I was then able to sign-in with my new ID.

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    I have the same issue. Cannot delete my iCloud because the account email address refers to a non-existant mailbox. Apple, please take note and give us an easy way to fix this rather than wiping everything!


    To reiterate: I have an apple ID, but for some reason my phone has saved my previous Apple ID. I cannot change or add the old email address because the address no longer exists and I don't have access to the mailbox. Therefore, when I try to delete my iCloud account from my device, it won't let me because it needs to disable Find my iPhone - which it can't do without my old Apple ID.


    Very obvious but terrible issue, Apple. Please resolve!

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