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doughboy44 Level 1 (0 points)

Have one email account, after downloading ios 7,  that is counting all the emails in the account as unread, but is showing they've been "read". Can delete the emails, but does not count them as deleted. Anyway to fix besides deleting the account?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7
  • Jconstantine313 Level 1 (0 points)

    go into your inbox and at the bottom where it says Mark click on it and clik mark all. Then click as read, or you can do this from the all inboxs folder and mark multiple inboxes all at once.

  • Garywoo Level 1 (65 points)

    If this email account is Hotmail:

    Hotmail has used POP for emails in the past and this does not sync if messages are read or not. This is an old standard and shouldn't be used any more.


    You can now use Exchange or IMAP for hotmail and this should mark them as read and stop this from happening again. Add a new mail account on your iPhone, and select Exchange instead of Hotmail/ and sign in with your hotmail details. You may need to change the Mail Days to Sync options after you set it up to get all your emails back. Your hotmail account may also have put all your emails into a POP folder. Sign in to hotmail on a computer and move all the emails in that folder back into your inbox.



    If exchange does not work, you can try using IMAP, the details are


    • Incoming Mail Server IMAP
      • Server:
    • Outgoing Mail Server SMTP
      • Server:


    To add the account, select other when you add a new mail account, and put in a nonsense email address for example "" to avoid the mail app automatically setting up the account for you.

    Then select IMAP and input the proper details. your username is your hotmail address.



    If this email account is something other than Hotmail:

    It sounds like your email account is using POP which does not sync if messages are read or not, try to find out if your email account supports IMAP and enter those details like i explain in the bottom part of the hotmail explanation.

  • stzoran1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I solved this problem by login in  to my original mail server and deleting few oldest e-mails. Few seconds  after deleting badge on my iPhone reseted and start to show real number  of unreaded e-mail messages.

    Hope this will help.

  • Hoogirl Level 1 (0 points)

    I have this same problem and nothing gets rid of that number besides having Badge App Icon turned off. But I want the Badge App Icon turned on so I can see when I have NEW UNREAD messages! It's telling me I have 2,482 unread messages and they've all been read!!!!  I use only one email account on my iphone 4s and it's Comcast. 

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    I too have Comast and the unread messages count is haywire.  The number of unread messages reads in the thousands while there are no undread messages.  I have been able to pare it down to about 800 by repeatebly downloading emails 250 at a time and marking unread.  I have had to download 10,000 messages back to 2010 on the two comcast email accounts I have on the phone to get this done.  Prior to performing all the downloads, I tried deleting the email accounts from the phone and reinstalling them, deactivating them and rectivationg them, etc.  Nothing helped.


    I have another, non-comcast pop email on the phone and there are no issues with the unread email message count.

  • Hoogirl Level 1 (0 points)

    I have done this a gazillion times and it does nothing.  All my messages are read but are being counted as unread, and that number shows on my home page if I have Badge App Icon selected, even though there is no unread blue dot next to them in the Inbox. Obviously there's a glitch, but it would be nice to hear from an Apple tech to get this resolved!

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    I too have Comcast as a POP email on my iPhone 5 and my Email badge still indicates that I have 8k emails unread.... This is definitely a glitch after various attempts to clear them out. Though the only solution at this point is to ignore it but then again I agree with Hoogirl that we can't just disable the Badge notification and move on... 

  • Hoogirl Level 1 (0 points)

    stzoran1 wrote:


    I solved this problem by login in  to my original mail server and deleting few oldest e-mails. Few seconds  after deleting badge on my iPhone reseted and start to show real number  of unreaded e-mail messages.

    Hope this will help.



    This doesn't really make sense so I'm not sure if it will help.  But thanks for trying anyway!

  • Saint357 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just found this today for Comcast POP users.


    Comcast IMAP


    Good Luck

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    I am having the same issue with my Comcast emails.  I have removed the account and re-added it, downloaded all the messages from the server and marked them as read all to avail.  I still have badge showing 6,000+ emails even though they are all marked as read.


    Has anyone been able to fix this?


    Any help would great.

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    I have comcast and have been using an Iphone for 5 years.  I don't delete my e-mails off the comcast server as I share them between a few devices.  I havd over 40 thousand unread messages.  I tried the mark all only gets a handful.  I event added the new unread folder there is no Mark all.  Funny know as I look for unread in the unread box it shows that I have 39,519 messages in there are none there.  Help I can't believe Apple isn't looking into this as a major bug.

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    First sorry for my broken English, I got this problem fixed

    (((If you are using HOTMAIL)))do the following steps


    1.go back to setting>email>delete your original mail account

    2.setting your hotmail by choosing the outlook icon from the begining. can allow you to enter your in the outlook mail setting, that fix the problem.

  • brandonfromalbuquerque Level 1 (0 points)

    Here is how I resolved the unread messages error for my comcast email on ios7 iphone5.  I had to download all the messages in my inbox on comcast's server (read or unread) to the phone.  Then I marked them unread on the phone.  It was very tedious to download all the messages to the phone.  I had to reputedly scroll past the bottom of the iphone inbox which would cause 250 messages to download each time.  Then I marked all unread. 


    Now I have 13000 e-mail messages on my iphone, but they do not show up as unread.  The email messages I have received today after I got things straightened out show up unread but normally becomes read once I open them.  It seems to be working noramlly now.


    Perhaps if you have a ton of messages in your inbox on comcast's server you could move most of them to a different folder and then only the messages you want on the iphone will be downloaded?  It would be much quicker and easier than what I did and you would not have thousands of messages on your phone. I wish I would have thought of this before I downloaded so many messages to the phone...

  • Tnnisace Level 1 (0 points)

    OK so who can tell me why my Comcast email won't verify under the new ios7? I thought it transferred fine as I had touched nothing with the account when I did the upgrade. But now it won't find my account and cannot connect to the server.  Are the IMAP settings different? Are the port codes different? I tried deleting and re-adding my account and it wont take. Are there different steps now to take to add a Comcast email account? Can anyone help please?

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