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Hey there!

I'm just quite tensed right now because I had downloaded iOS 7 through iTunes (Latest) and then hit the "Update" button, and then I could see the "Connect to iTunes" logo on my iPhone 5 and the message on iTunes read "updating iPhone" .... and that took about 5 minutes and after that I got an error "Cannot update the iPhone. Unknown error occurred (4005)" .... and since then my phone is stuck at the connect to to itunes sign ... I tried to hard reset it or take it to the recovery mode (Power + Home, release Power keep Home pressed), but nothing is happening... HELPP PEOPLE!!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
Reply by JimboLee11 on Nov 11, 2013 10:10 PM Helpful

Hi Guys!


So i plugged my ipad into my lap top. All i was trying to do was transfer some pictures. Yet it directed me to i tunes. With in minutes, i was following directions on how to update & restore & get the latest version of ios 7.03.2 or something like that.

    Now it didnt work & it didnt work a few days ago when i had tried it on just the i pad alone either. But I thought that maybe since i was hooked up through a bigger system it would work.


   Nope but thats ok, because i didnt really want to do that, too begin with. Anyways after a few buttons clicked & i ok'd a few go aheads, my i pad screen went blank & then popped up this, " Connect to I tunes logo " It has a picture of my plug, with an arrow pointing it to the i tunes logo!!!!!


What the F_ _ _ ???? Now my system is stuck. It wont do anything else. Ive tried holding the main power button down for long periods of time. Ive tried holding everything down at the same time. I've tried plugging it back into a power source. Nothing is working. It will turn all the way off & the logo plug thing goes off with it.

    But when i turn it back on, it just comes right back to the same screen " CONNECT TO I TUNES " SCREEN. Please help me!!!!! What the **** do i do? Does my i pad have a virus or something now? Am I screwed?

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