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After updating my iPhone 4s to iOS7 I started receiving warnings that I was running out of space on my phone.  When I went to usage I found that the Calendar events was taking up about 4.2 GB  and I had no remaining space.  I tried to remove a few Calendars but the Settings app locked up when I tried to either remove or disable any of the calendars.  I have several GMail accounts setup and a subcription or two.


Doing a hard restart freed the space up and returned the Calendar events size to normal but the Calendar events then started grab more space until all the remain space was gone.  I have turned on Airplane mode, done a hard restart (free the space) and the calendar events still grows to take all my extra space.  I also have an iPad with iOS7 and the same calendar supscriptions and it does not have the same issue.


Does anyone have any solutions to this problem?

iPhone 4S, iOS 7