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    Jenni Leder encourages those who are affected to file a bug report with Apple, mentioning bug number 15074144 so the duplicate reports can be tallied.



    iOS 7 Animations Cause Nausea for Some

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    Also picked up here: m-new-animations/


    Keep reporting it and sending emails so WE can all enjoy iOS 7

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    original blog post from Jenni Leder:



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    If you have Ménière's or labyrinthitis DON'T upgrade.

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    I don't have any problems at all. I download the iOS 7 through iTunes backed up all my info and thats was it. It took about 30 minutes to complete. I like the new security setting, accessibility, zoom, assitive touch etc. I don't know what the problem is? It just takes a little getting use to...

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    Re: Any way to turn off iOS 7 navigation animations?

    Sep 25, 2013 7:51 PM (in response to Ensorceled)

    I don't have any problems at all. I download the iOS 7 through iTunes backed up all my info and thats was it. It took about 30 minutes to complete. I like the new security setting, accessibility, zoom, assitive touch etc. I don't know what the problem is? It just takes a little getting use to...




    EVERYONE!!! Good news!!!


    People susceptible to peripheral vision dizziness can finally use ios 7!!!  tRoberto826 just said he does not have a problem with ios 7. FALSE ALARM EVERYONE!


    We can safely delete this thread now.


    Thank you Roberto for making this problem go away for everyone.

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    If you are not suffering from this issue (motion sickness diziness headaches etc.) please dont post in this thread. Its counter productive.

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    +1 for dizziness and nausea here, too. I thought I was the only one to feel nauseous with all the zooming effect. People said I'd get used to it, but in 25 years, I've never been abble to read in a car, bus or air plane without feeling nauseous and it's the same thing with iOS7. Can't wait to turn this **** zooming effect off!

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    Even if you could find a binary you cannot downgrade. Apple has signed every version with a digital signature and they stopped validating ios 6.1.3 the day after 7 came out so you won't be able to validate the copy. Don't even try because you will introduce more problems than you have now.

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    The pain and headaches are becoming unbearable to me. It takes around an hour and a half for them to start to subside after a 20 minute phone session. I sent this email to




    I had an iPhone 5 with ios6 and was thrilled with it. I recently 'upgraded' to ios7. When first using it felt very 'jarring'. But I liked the colours and what I thought Apple was trying to do so I persevered. However I have been getting unexplained headaches, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision and similar symptoms since using it. So much so that I went to seek medical attention. It was my Doctor who asked me about my phone and computer usage. I have never had a problem ever previously with 'computer usage'. The culprit seemed to be the phone (and my iPad 2 with ios7). After using the iphone for 30 minutes today while out of the office the headaches have returned with a vengeance. In addition I am now aware of how the screen seems to 'shimmer' and 'move' after a period of time. It gets 'fuzzy' and 'shakes' when reading text. The thin black lines and thin letters on an very bright white background exacerbate my sore eyes, making it diificult to focus for any period of time. I find it extraordinary that despite years of reserach into UI saying that thin black lines on a bright white background is the worst, Apple have done this. I have turned off 'motion'. I have increased font size and added bold. I have reduced brightness. To no avail. Why a 'normal' user like me is required to resort to accessibility options is beyond me.


    I am lucky that my boss and some co-workers are now experiencing these symptoms. I have taken the rest of the day off work. I cannot go back to using ios6 which I had no problems with. I am loathe to use this phone which cost me a considerable sum of money. If it cannot be rectified the phone will be binned at great cost to mysel. Simple as that. Lucky our firm has not put in its computer procurement requirements for the new year. The mood in my office is 'what the **** are Apple doing?' My office has now made available for staff old Nokia prepaid phones we used to use as a back up in the field.


    Thank you

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    This has got to be a massive prank or a massive frivolous whining campaign! How can someone get dizzy doing something sporadic and in full control? That said I detest the inconsistency of the animations! No way to tell from which side or the center an app will open and close. Why did Apple do that?

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    Its no prank. Nothing wrong with me before ios7.


    I suspect that there are many many people out there experiencing this who havent yet drawn the connection. As I said, I actually went to the Doctor yesterday beacuse it was so bad and unusual.


    And just to reiterate, I loveed my iphone 5 with ios6. I would be happy to change back but Apple has now prevented me and others from doing so. So  . . . we are stuck.

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    Yes!. Zooming effect is giving me headache. It's really really frustating. Apple sholud give an option to turn off stupid animations.

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    Phyared, this is a real issue, whether you choose to belive it or not.


    Just because you are unable to understand how someone can get dizzy and nauseous from screen animations does not mean it doesn't exist.  Read through the 100 replies here.  Read through the 100 replies on other forums.  Do some google research on types of motion sickness.  This is a not a conspiracy, these are real people sharing their real experiences.


    As you mentioned, the animations seem inconsistent, which is one of the main reasons this IOS 7 causes issues that weren't problems in IOS 6.  In IOS 6, the app animations always originated in the center of the screen.


    In IOS 7, as you've noted, the animations originate from different sides of the screen depending on where the app icon is located.  This combined with the speed and type of animation causes many of us to experience very similar nausea-type symptons, as you can see in all the replies.


    I have similar issues with first person shooter video games like Halo or Call of Duty, even if it's on a small computer screen, when I am in full control and even when only playing for a few minutes.  I think most people understand that some of these FPS video games cause problems for a portion of the population.  It is well documented as well, you can do a google search if interested to learn more.


    On my iPhone5, even though it only has a 4" screen, I hold it 8-12 inches away when reading, so it takes up a considerable amount of my effective field of view.  So when the apps zoom by me as if I'm entering a tunnel, and then zoom out as if I'm reversing out of the tunnel, it causes feelings of motion sickness and dizzyness.  If you are not subject to motion sickness, this may seem completely riduculous.  But it is real and affects a portion of the users.


    We are not a bunch of whiners, as many commenters are saying, looking for any reason to complain or give bad press to Apple.  If we wanted to give bad press, we would all say that our iPhones are catching on fire and exploding!  Let me go on the record and say that I like my iPhone 5 and have no desire to switch to an alternative.  And I like the upgrade to IOS 7.


    The only issue is the animations and motion sickness many of us are feeling.  This can be fixed by Apple allowing an option to DISABLE the animation.  That's all we're asking for. 

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